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It had been a long flight. A long day. But finally we were in the warm Caribbean. It was evening and too late to do anything so we went down to the hotel bar for a drink and to unwind. The bar was pretty much empty, maybe four or five people, if that. The bartender, however, was hot. A young, black guy no more than twenty-five. I immediately thought how good he'd look between my legs!

"You like?" my husband asked with a smile.

"Oh, I like," I replied.

A couple of drinks turned into several. You know, those island drinks with about 3 or 4 ounces of booze in them that go down so easy. Soon both of us were pretty well wasted, although the better part of two hours had passed.

Rob keep teasing me about the black bartender. I kept responding to his teasing. We weren't strangers to having sex with strangers.

Without all the boring details, we found ourselves back in our room later that evening, loaded and with our hot black hunk, who was off for the evening and about to get off yet again.

He and I sat on the sofa kissing. Our hands explored each other. He liked my tits. I liked his cock. My husband liked watching us!

"Why do white men like it when we fuck their wives," our new found friend asked.
"Oh, you've done this before," I replied. "You naughty, naughty boy."

He just laughed as did my husband.

Our lips met in a passionate kiss and that did it. The clothes came off. I was so drunk and so horny. I swallowed his hard cock and began working it. I knew my husband loved watching me suck another man's cock so I gave him a good show. He was rubbing his own dick, but by now it was seriously impaired by all the drinking we had done. Poor bastard was limp.

My young lover, however, was not. In fact far from it. His rather immense manhood stood strong and tall as I sucked him and played with his large balls. My pussy was wet and aching for fulfillment.

"Fuck me now," I told him. "Screw the foreplay, just screw me!"

Not having to be asked twice, he moved to the bed and he pushed my legs apart, his hard black cock seeking out my throbbing love tunnel. We began to fuck seriously and when it was over I had cum many times and my pussy was full of his blackman juice. Even my husband had managed to come to life and sprayed my tits with his load.

We woke up the next morning. Mandingo had left, my pussy ached, and my husband, through his hangover stupor asked what had happened last night.

Guess we'd have to do it all again tonight to refresh his memory!