Story of how you became a white sissy or even fully feminized?

What is your story of becoming a sissy or transgender? Was it forced by a dominant female and/or her bull?

I continue to live as a white "male" but my history paints a different picture.

When I was a little boy (maybe 5 or so) my mother took me into a women's restroom at a department store. There was a redheaded woman who was changing and exposed her huge beautiful breasts. At that age I didn't know gender was assigned, rather I thought it was a choice and I assumed I would grow up to be a woman. I remember looking down at my chest and wondering how big my boobs would be.
When I was 12 I used to pretend I was sick from school to stay home alone. I had one goal on those days: dress as a girl. My mother sold Mary Kay products so I had unlimited makeup to work with, also a curly hair clip-on that really completed the effect. Barely prepubescent, I actually made a supremely cute girl. I would then stand on our second story porch and present myself as a girl to the busy traffic below.
When I was 15 I had a much better understanding of gender, but the internet was barely becoming a thing and I had no clue that becoming a girl was actually a possibibilty- otherwise my life probably would have turned out much differently. I used to take long baths, tuck my useless white thingy and beg god or any diety that I supposed existed to turn me into a girl. Obviously that doesn't work lol.
With the suddenness of the internet I learned about "shemales" and I couldn't get enough of it. A person could look like a beautiful woman even if they had a weener?! I also found out about SRS but ultimately decided that I wished to look feminine but keep my stupid dicklet when I learned that you could still be fucked in the butt.
Alas, do to societal fears and potential family reactions I have remained fully male. The best support I had was a girlfriend a few years ago that would paint my nails, do makeup and talk about how much fun it would be if I were a girl. I instantly confessed to her that I've always wanted to be a girl and we stayed up all night researching hormones and such. Unfortunately my family and all my friends hated this girl so much that I felt pressured to break up with her, without me ever having started a transition.
My current wife has no idea about my girly side but knows I am a submissive cuckold. Thru some secret dabbling with phytoestrogens I actually have a small A-cup breast size that she likes to play with and also tease me about (she calls me "A-cup" and giggles but she seems to like them). She is fascinated by recent media covering transgendered people and although we live a cuckold lifestyle she is only just starting to be interested in cuckold information and porn. I plan to have her "stumble upon" some content of forced feminization and being that she's very dominant my wishes might come true. Til then I'm a closet sissy but i'll keep you posted!