story from my new girlfriend


we were making love the other night and i was asking her a bit about her fantasies. she told me she had lived out many of them long before she met me. one of them was riding an escalator on the way home from work when she lived in Philly. there were two black men and she struck up a conversation. she did not elaborate too much but told me she ended up on all fours with one man in her butt and the other in her mouth. i came like a wild man, of course and then we just held each other and haven't spoken of it since. i am interested in just how it transpired.

take care, all. perhaps i can get her interested in joining on here??? i don't want too push her into anything



There's nothing wrong with bringing this conversation up again. She was open with you about a very secret thing, and has trusted you with it. Now, it's your turn to do the same. You can tell her that you were just thinking of the story she told you and you want to hear more because it really turned you on. Ask if watching IR porn would be something that interests her. You can totally delve deeper, just communicate with her and show her you love her.