Story for my husband to find!

Hi, my name is Kaylee. My husband and I have been married fifteen years. When we met I was 29 and he was a little older. We both were recently divorced. I was open minded about sex and masturbated while fantasizing a lot. I has selpt with seven men and two girls at that time. We started living together and having sex constantly. More than I had ever had. We explored our fantasies and fixated on bring girls to be with us. It turned out that we both had a thing for young, blonde, teen girls. We fantasized constantly about it and from time to time we met a young willing girl. They were all legal age but a couple just barely. This started rumors and caused some embarrassing moments when a friends confronted us about sleeping with their daughter. Sometimes the babysitter does talk.
We layed low for awhile untill our normal sex started becoming routine. We would watch a lot of porn while fucking and we wanted to watch a particular amateur video that had a stunning 18 year old blonde in it. While we watched and fucked, thinking about using her. Her boyfriend appeared

and started fucking her with his monster cock. As you can guess, he was black and we both

th watched him fuck all her holes with that huge penis. I could only think of how hot it would be to be in a threesome with them. Bill and I fucked our brains out that weekend thinking about me fucking a bid black cock.
We started exploring interracial sites and I got a black life like dildo that I used to fuck my ass right in the middle of the stores parking lot. I did not care who saw me or that the clerk teased me about buy a black cock. I told him that I was a black cock only slut. This is what turned me on so much that I had to use it in the middle of the day in semi public. Bill bought me an even bigger more life like one so I could fill both holes while sucking him. He asked if I had ever consider doing it in the past. I told him about going to a concert while married to my ex with my girlfriend. After the concert I met one of the black musicians ( Michael Jackson concert). I sat in a both and made out with him cor hours while he fingered me and I stroked him to an orgasm. Many people could see what we were doing. Telling Bill this drove him wild. We ended up doing a few things. I would tease and make out with blackmen at parties and in bars while he watched. Some would finger me and I gave compkete blow jobs to three. That is as far as I went. This is because we were getting obsessed and this was the only way we could have sex. Bill did not even want threesomes with other women. He wanted to see me completely used. We tried several times but it just did not happen. One gime three black guys chickened
The three young black men that we met at a club chickened out on the way to the hotel.
I had had enough. I did not want our marriage ruined and to hurt our family. During sex I refused to bring it up. We would argue with him saying that there was no way that it still did not turn me on. I golx him that he was sick, perverted, and addicted to sex. I was also worried that all the women that say once you go black you do not go back might be true. Of course the thought of black cock still turns me on. So does young blonde pussy and I have stayed away from both. For the most part. Maybe? Bill, you will remember this. Our last trip to the casinos for a weekend. It was your last attempt to woo me back into fantasizing about fucking black cock. You stopped on I10 at Smoochies and bout be that black slutty lace outfit. I changed in the
car and all the truckers got a great show. You kept wanting to pull over at a rest stop so I could suck one off. We never did but I really wanted too. When we got to the casino you wanted to fuck and I wanted to hit the floor. You were shocked when I wore the slut outfit down. When I came back you were so dissappointed that I had done nothing with anyone. We fought and I took that out fit off. I put a yellow button up shirt on with jeans and penny loafers. You did not notice that I did not put my panties or bra back on. I went down and played one game then the next. I noticed you shooting craps. When I came over you introduced me to the man standing next to you. He was
was young, well dressed, and black. He was a former football player and now an agent. You introduced him as Chris. I noticed that he had $80, 000.00on the table. You could not see it, but being near him made me wet. Once you left I stayed and he had me throw the dice for him. I threw them 87 times without losing and made him a lot of money. On the last roll he kissed me on the mouth for luck. He gave me $1, 000.00 dollars in chips right there. Then kissed me again. I felt like I was being bought and it turned me on. He asked me if I wanted to celebrate with a drink in his suite. I could not see you anywhere. I looked him in the eyes and said that I would go anywhere he wanted.
We got in the elevator and started kissing. He asked about you and told him that you where unimportant. His hands were inside my shirt and squeezing my hard nipples. His pinching of my nipples took me to my knees. I undid his slacks and pulled the biggest cock ever out. I took him in my mouth and did not stop sucking when another couple got onto the elevator. The woman said it looked like fun. Chris pulled me to my feet and took me to his suite. The tll buttons of my shirt were unbuttoned and my nipples were exposed. In the room were a number of other blackmen with white women. The women looked young and like professionals. I tried to cover up and he stopped me. He started making out with me and taking my jeans off. I resisted and he said that I was the only real woman there. The others were paid for and that him and his friends would rather see me undressed. I have some strech marks on my stomach so I left my shirt on partially buttoned. Everything else was off. I could not belive how fast this happened and started having second thoughts. Chris could tell and oferred me more money, which I took. One of the young strippers was laying on the bed with her legs spread and touching herself. She looked like a teenager. I could not resist and I laid between her legs and started licking her pussy. The guys really liked that. Her pussy was fresh fucked and full of cum. I cleaned her up and made her cum. When I rolled over, Chris was undressed. He kneeled between my legs and I knew that he was going to fuck me. Take me somewhere that I could never come all the way back.I told him that he was my first as he pushed into me. He said that he would not be my last. I looked at his friends and he said oh yes.
It could only go half way in and I was very wet. He kept sliding it in and out while kissing me. Telling me how sexy I am. It did not take long before I had the strongest orgasm of my life. So mind blowing and life changing. He kept pushing and pushing. Going deeper and deeper, while I begged him to fuck me with his black cock. I felt him go all ghe way in and ask me if I was on protection. I had not even thought about that. I told him no, but to not worry. He started slamming me to the bed and asking if I wanted a black baby? I kept telling him to fuck me and fill my pussy. That I was a black cock slut. He shot huge load and I came at the same time. Again itwas way better than the way you fuck me Bill.
After that his two friends took turns with my mouth and pussy at the same time. Chris was taking pictures on his cell phone. When they finished I cleaned my self up. I looked at my phone and you had called several times.I laid with Chris and started kissing him. I wanted to get him to fuck me one more time. His cock was only half hard. I started sucking on Iit and talking dirty to him. Telling him that I was his slave and that I wanted his baby. That I could help him by having sex with the black players he wanted to sign. I was not thinking of you atall during this time. Still his cock was just semi hard. Then I thought about how I use to get you hard when youwere spent. I spread his legs and pushed his knees back. Ghis exposed his anus to me and I started kissing it and licking it. I kept stroking his cock while pushing my tounge inside his ass. The smell and taste were different that you. More musky and earthy. More manly. He was calling me a whore and a slut while his cock got rock hard. I sat on it this time while kissing him and letting him bite my nipples. He fucked me deep and hard making me cum twice then filling my pussy up. At that moment I loved Chris and would do anything for him.
When I gotback we fought again. You even asked if I fucked Chris. I told you that we were never engaging in those fantasies again. That we were going to have a normal sex life. I know that you are exv ited because I have been going on this site. Yes, black cock turns me on. Do you really want me to choose? This story about Chris is probably just my imagination. Maybe I am just teasing you. Maybe I also fought my urges for years to go to Chris. If this is real. I chose you. I told Chris no every time he called. Except for maybe one afternoon last summer when I had week moment. Maybe I am just giving you something to think about and will never go black. Which do you belive? You can belive that I came writting this on my smart phone. Excuse the m uh stakez, it is hard to correct them. Love, Kailee