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I thought I explained it at the start.. or maybe to some who commented... but here it is... years ago I used to save every story I liked... gathered them from.... all over... but if I liked it I saved it... after a while just to many for computer so moved them to a disc..... disc been sitting here a while ... forgot what it was... got the brainstorm I would post one a day here until the disc was empty...... I have no idea now whose they are or where I got them... the only one I wrote... says true story!
But if it is a problem or an issue of some kind... no problem here I can just delete them... don't want to step on someone's toes!
I thought I explained it at the start.. or maybe to some who commented... but here it is... years ago I used to save every story I liked... gathered them from.... all over... but if I liked it I saved it... after a while just to many for computer so moved them to a disc..... disc been sitting here a while ... forgot what it was... got the brainstorm I would post one a day here until the disc was empty...... I have no idea now whose they are or where I got them... the only one I wrote... says true story!
But if it is a problem or an issue of some kind... no problem here I can just delete them... don't want to step on someone's toes!

SubHub - can you help me find one I saved, but lost?
Couples swing; one husband is better -- at
everything -- than the other. Better endowment, better skill set, the
whole package (Pun intended). Lesser man ends up thoroughly humiliated and
eventually feminized.

I probably deleted this (long) story from my PC because it contained a
late-developing, relatively irrelevant incest story line involving a
teenage daughter.


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sorry been kind of busy lately and haven't got back to posting for a while.... as for the story you are talking about.... not sure... I know I have read/seen a couple similar... not sure what I have left or if I have anything like that... but will look sometime this week..... have you tried a "cuckold' search in Literotica?
Thanks for looking. I know how to search websites - I just can't find this story.

To reward you for your work, here's another fave of mine:

Retrospective Possibilities by Timmy Two

(address withheld)


A revelation of a husband about his sexual needs and those of his wife and the experimentation that went on. (MMF, bi, reluc, anal)


It's like a dream. It is like it all never happened. We have not discussed it since that day.

We were poolside at a hotel on the West coast of Mexico. My wife and I were on the first real vacation we had had since we married ten years ago with a nine year old daughter and a seven year old daughter at home.

In retrospect I realize that our marriage had been one of convenience for several years. Our sex life had cooled to a point of barely existing. I was jerking off more than I did when I was a teenager. I never thought about what she might be doing or how the absence of sex in our relationship was affecting her. I was stupid enough to think that women didn't have the sex drive that men had and that it probably didn't bother her at all.

We had been arguing that afternoon about some stupid thing and I don't even remember what it was. After that afternoon I began to spend a lot of time going over our life together and reviewing many of the events and conversations that we shared. The more I thought about things the more I realized how stupid I had been. The signals were everywhere and I didn't see the first one.

That summer in Mexico Jean, my wife, turned 35. We were celebrating her birthday. Jean was a very attractive lady of 35 years. She had a beautiful set of breasts that were very sensitive. She had gorgeous legs and a trim body with rounded hips to match. When our sex life had been good I could get her to climax solely by manipulating her breasts. She would cum violently, thrusting her hips into the air as I sucked on her nipples. She always seemed to be a little embarrassed after such a session.

Jean was a prude of sorts. I could not get her to give me head or try anything other than the missionary position. I fantasized about fucking her in the ass or having her suck me dry. She would let me suck her clit till she climaxed and I loved doing it. I am small in the cock area and I never could really satisfy her that way. I complained that she was too loose after having the babies and she talked with the doctor about it at my request. She returned home from the Doctor's visit and informed me in no uncertain terms that the loose fit was my problem not hers. I never found out exactly what that doctor said to her.

I knew that she had a thing about guys that were sort of rough around the edges. It was a contrast to her strict upbringing in a Catholic home. A railroad yard worker took her cherry a couple of years before I met her. She told me about it. He got her in the back seat of his car in her driveway at the tender virgin age of nineteen and popped her cherry. Years later she had me ride past his house one day when we were out sight seeing and killing time. She wanted to see if she could see him. I never read anything into the request other than complaining that it was using up gas and time that I didn't want to waste.

Now as I think back over our life I remember her description of the afternoon he popped her cherry. I suddenly tuned in to the sound of her voice as she gave her vivid description of how big his cock was and how it hurt at first and she cried for him to stop but he kept on. I thought at the moment that she was looking for sympathy from me. I realize now that she was enjoying reliving the scene. She was almost proud of the fact that he got it all into her in the back seat of that car.

Like I said, I loved eating her pussy. She splashed cold water on that when she told me one time that a girl friend of hers told her that a guy who liked to eat pussy was harboring homosexual tendencies. At first I was pissed off and of course stopped trying to suck her pussy. Then I began to wonder about myself. I began to wonder about what it would be like to suck a cock and would I enjoy such a thing. I was getting so horny I was starting to be willing to try anything.

I had my cock sucked a couple of times when I was growing up by gays who would find me in the dark movie house or walking home alone in the dark after a movie. I liked it but I never thought about dong it to anyone else until she planted the seed in my head.

I needed to find out so when I had the opportunity to travel to the next state over on business I promptly went into one of those glory hole movie houses. It took me all of ten minutes to find a guy who invited me into his cubicle. I don't know if he was gay. I just sat down on the bench and whispered to him that I had never done this before and proceeded to unzip his pants and take out his cock. He had a little cock like me, and was about my size overall, so I didn't feel intimidated.

His dick felt strange in my hand. It felt strange and kind of nice at the same time. I mused at how it felt like my own cock except that there seemed to be more heat and sensation between my fingers and the throbbing cock. I pulled on it for a while until I got up the courage to lean forward and take him in my mouth. He moaned and leaned back against the wall as I proceeded to suck him off. I felt his cock swelling at the same time he started jerking his hips. I was already feeling something slick on the head of his cock and realized that I was tasting his pre-cum. I knew he was going to shoot off so I took my mouth off and finished him with my hand. I sat back and waited while he wiped himself off with a tissue. He looked at me, said, "that felt good" and left the cubical.

When he opened the door to go out I saw two or three more guys standing around outside. I was mortified! They had heard everything and wanted me to suck their cocks also! I got out of there as fast as I could. My experiment was over. I had sucked a cock and it was not bad but I didn't feel like I was queer. It was a while after that that I zeroed in on the term, "bi-sexual." I had found a home.


I spent the next several years adding a scene of me sucking a cock to my sexual fantasies. It was only a short mental distance to me sucking a cock in a threesome with Jean.

The opportunity failed to present itself. Certainly I didn't suspect Jean of doing anything. Hell she didn't like sex with me much less with anyone else. But that brings us back to that afternoon in Mexico.

The two guys were obviously good friends and vacationing together. We had seen them on several occasions at the pool flirting with the girls and often with the same girl.

It was Jean who pointed them out initially. It was the Speedo that one of the guys was wearing that got her attention. The tallest one who I later came to know as Gary wore the Speedo. I thought that he was being a bit obnoxious. He was obviously hung like a horse. Jean thought so also. She whispered to me that he did not even have an erection and was huge. I was embarrassed by her comments and looked around to make sure no one else was near enough to overhear her comments.

We were each three drinks into the bar special which was one of those colorful island things that you have no idea what was in them. Jean was getting drunk quickly. I realized that she had not eaten anything for several hours which was adding to her hasty trip to become soused. On the forth serving the bar tender commented about making her drinks special because she was so pretty as he winked at me. I realized that he had been loading her drinks.

All of a sudden Gary and his friend were there. I had turned to fish my wallet out of my pocket and when I turned back around Gary was standing next to Jean on her right and his friend, I now know as Johnny, was standing to Jean's left or sort of between us.

There were introductions around after Gary commented that we four were the last ones at the pool and that we should join forces and party.

Johnny then grabbed the twenty off the bar where I had left it and pressed it into my lap. "Let’s do this right," he said.

We buy the first round. I politely struggled to return the bill to the bar and Johnny, grinning down at me pressed it again into my lap. I left it there and he patted my leg saying, "Good boy, now relax."

Johnny left his hand on my leg ever so briefly. It shocked me. I had never in my memory had a man put his hand on my leg unless he was trying to play with my dick. Was he trying to touch me there? Was I crazy?

Johnny had wedged in between Jean and myself now and I could not even see what was going on past his big bulk. All I could see was Jean's bare knees. We had come to the bar from the pool. I was wearing shorts over my suit and Jean was wearing a flimsy cover-up over her bikini.

Johnny now had his back to me. He was leaning on the bar with one elbow. The other arm was extended across the back of Jean's stool. This guy was huge! I couldn't see past his bulk. I could see the hand that was now resting on Jean's thigh. I could hear her giggling and laughing with Gary. He talked and emphasized every word he spoke with movement of his hand on her thigh.

I was pissed. In the first place he guy was making a move on my wife right in front of me. I had been cut right out of the group. I felt insulted that Jean did not at least make an effort to include me in the conversation. When these two ill mannered shitheads left I intended to tell her so.

I concentrated on my drink and began to catch bits and pieces of the conversation. I could not believe my ears. Gary was telling Jean that she had beautiful tits. Jean was acting like he was complimenting her on her new living room sofa with her gracious thank you. He was asking her if they were sensitive. She responded in the positive and he wanted to know how sensitive. She giggled and told him he would never know. He then started in on needing to decide where her tits sensitivity would be on a scale of one to ten.

She commented that there was no way to tell and he said there was that he was an expert and would classify them for her. All Jean could do was giggle. Johnny joined in by providing that he would be the judge to make sure everything was done fairly in the assessment of the sensitivity of her tits. The grinning bartender was taking everything in from his position at the end of the bar.

As best I could tell, Gary was now making an effort to touch Jean's breasts in a teasing way and she was holding him off with giggling protests. Johnny reached around her and grasped her right arm pinning it to her side and at the same time pinned her left arm between them. He wasn't holding her that hard. It was obvious that she could have pulled away. She didn't.

Gary, smiling, leaned over Jean. While whispering something in her ear he proceeded to move his hand slowly around her neck, across her shoulder and down into the valley between her breasts. I was mesmerized by his brazen action.

I leaned into the bar to get a look at Jean's face. Her mouth was open. She was staring at Gary's hairy chest and ignoring the hand that was now sliding under her swim top and filling with her soft mound.

"Oh yes," He murmured as he massaged Jean's left tit."

Very sensitive I would say," he grinned. "Oh God you have to stop!" Jean exclaimed. "I can't stand it!" She struggled to get her arms free from Johnny who reluctantly let them go. She crossed herself in a protective position with her arms as Gary withdrew his hand and laughingly commented that she was definitely a ten on a scale of one to ten.

It was then that Johnny, as if he suddenly remembered that I was even there turned slightly towards to me and placed his hand on my thigh. He patted my leg gently and said, "but you already knew that didn't you?" He leaned into me and whispered, "I bet you have sucked those tits many a time hummm?"

I was stupid. I didn't tell him to fuck off. I agreed with a sly grin and a nod of my head. It opened the door and he walked in without hesitation. I don't know if the four or maybe now five drinks were carrying the day or if I was just ignorant of what was going on but I felt the need to conspire with him. I wanted to be part of the action and now I as going to conspire with a stranger against my wife. I was going to say things about her that I would never would have thought of saying.

"You ever get her off that way?" He asked. I grinned and nodded the affirmative. I was embarrassed and peeked over Johnny's shoulder to see if Jean was listening or looking. She was not.

Her back was now to the both of us. She was facing Gary. Her hands were on his shoulders and his hands seemed to be on her thighs. He was making his tongue touch the end of his nose and she was giggling still. He leaned into her and with a stage whisper that the bartender could have heard it at the end of the empty bar, "when I am inspired I can get it longer some guy's cocks." Jean made a mock scream of shock accompanied by a fake slap at Gary's face.

Johnny's words brought me back to his presence beside me. "You two ever play?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I replied.

"Well let me put it this way," He said. "You ever let her fuck another guy?" He was whispering.

I was scared to death that Jean would hear him. I realized that I was enjoying the sensations brought on by his words. My cock was getting hard. I was having flashes of a scene of Gary on top of Jean. I know my face was beet red.

"Ever brought a guy into bed with the two of you?" He queried. I felt a cold wave rush thru me. Did it show in some way? Had he guessed that I was "bi" and that I fantasized about the very thing he was asking me about.

I decided to play it macho. I grinned a secret grin at him and replied. "I don't know how she would handle two cocks at the same time." I chuckled.

His hand moved across the skin of my thigh until it was resting on my growing bulge. I froze not knowing how to react. He chuckled. "Does the idea make your cock hard?" He questioned me.

My reply was a half hearted grunt. I glanced hurriedly around to check who might see this guy sitting with his hand on my cock. I struggled to breathe in as his fingers gently probed my bathing suit until they outlined my stiffening dick at which point he gave me a soft squeeze and retracted his hand.

I took a breath just as both Gary and Jean turned to us and announced that we were all going up to our suite for a night cap. I knew at that moment that Gary was going to fuck Jean. What I didn't know was did Jean know - and what was going to happen to me and with Johnny. I didn't care. I felt on the edge of creaming in my pants now and I was going to find out how far this thing could go.

The trip up to Gary's room was without incident as long as you don't count the fact that Gary and Jean were walking ahead of Johnny and I and Gary was blatantly rubbing Jean's butt cheeks underneath her flimsily beach cover-up.

When we arrived in the suite Gary went to the kitchen for drinks and I hurried to the bathroom. I was about to piss in my pants. Johnny was right behind me. He crowded into the small bath with me announcing that he also could not wait.

As the bathroom door closed behind us I glimpsed Jean who had thrown herself across the bed and rolled over on her back with her arms over her head. I thought what a tempting sight that will be for Gary when he returns with the drinks. I needed to get back out there as quickly as possible. I was thinking that perhaps things were going a bit too far after all.

I stood at the toilet and pulled my bathing suit and shorts down to my knees. I felt the flood of urine rush thru my swollen penis and the subsequent relief. I then glanced over at Johnny. He had in turn unzipped his shorts and let them fall to the floor. He had unsheathed his cock and leaned into the sink to pee into it. He was not much bigger than I was. I was surprised. I thought for sure that a guy as big as him would be hung like a gorilla. When he had emptied his bladder he stayed there gently pulling on his softened cock.

He caught me looking at him and grinned. "Feels good huh?"

I wasn't sure what was supposed to be feeling good, the peeing or the playing with his cock. I sort of grunted an "uh huh." and tucked away my own dick.

"Ever touch another guy's cock?" he calmly asked. I stuttered just long enough for him to know the truth. "Where?" He perused the thought.

I stuttered some more and blurted out, "M-movie house!"

"Really!" He exclaimed. "You do that a lot?" He was now shaking his cock and starting to run the water in the sink to wash the pee out.

I felt the need to explain. "Well no. I only did it once. I let a guy suck me off," I lied.

Johnny grinned. "And you sucked him back, right?"

I gave in. I nodded.

Johnny moved from the sink over to me. "Sit down," he commanded.

I obeyed. His cock was there. He was holding it. He pulled at it a couple of times sort of shaking it in front of me. "You want to touch it?" He asked.

"Nah, I guess not."

"Sure you want to, go ahead. Touch it."

I just sat there and he reached down and took my hand on put it on his cock. "Jerk it a little bit for me. I need to get off. Ok?"

I don't know why but I said, "Okay."

There was dead silence in the room as I reached up and tugged on the second mancock I had ever touched. There was enough silence that I could now hear the sounds coming from the other room. I could hear sounds of movements on the bed and the muffled protests of Jean. I grew concerned until I heard giggles.

I kept pulling on the cock in front of me and listening to the sounds from the other room. I knew that Jean was about to get fucked. I wanted to be in there. I envisioned Gary sliding his big dick into her at that very moment. I started to get up. Johnny gently put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back to a sitting position. He again took my hand and wrapped it around his bulging cock. I dutifully resumed pulling on it.

Johnny's hand moved to the back of my head and I felt pressure to lean forward. I allowed him to manipulate me until his cock head was pressing against my lips. I held it in my one hand and opened my mouth. I took him in and began to savor the second cock that I had ever sucked.

Johnny leaned in until he was resting his hands against the wall behind the toilet. I was glad he was not real big. I was taking most of his cock into my mouth. He was fucking my mouth. That was new. Before in the movie I had control of the situation. Now my mouth was his to fuck.

There were noises again from the other room. 'Ahhh, no, ahhhh no!" over and over again. There were whimpering sounds. There were grunting sounds. There was the sound of the bed moving. He was out there fucking my wife and I was in here sucking a cock.

Then Johnny stepped back. I almost chased his wet slippery dick with my mouth. I looked up at him puzzled. "Stand up and turn around." He commanded. I didn't know what to think. I did as he told me. It was when I felt the head of his wet cock brush against the crack of my ass that I realized what he wanted. I attempted to turn around again. "No I don't think so." I mumbled. Johnny caught my shoulder and turned me again to face the wall. I felt his big hand at the base of my neck and the pressure to bend over. I did.

I rested my hands on the toilet bowl and braced myself to keep from falling over as Johnny moved my legs further apart. I felt his fingers playing along the crack of my ass and the sudden pushing of a finger and then two right into my asshole. His fingers were slick. I wondered where he got the lubricant. That was what it was. He was lubricating my asshole.

"Johnny." I said, almost questioning.

"It's ok" He replied. "Just be still and relax."

I did. I felt the head of his cock pressing against the apex of my hole and then for the first time experienced the strange feeling of a cock head sliding into my asshole. He was in me. It didn't feel bad. then he pushed and I felt the slight pain.

"No!" I panicked. "It's going to hurt!"

"I'm not going any further " He whispered. 'Just be still and relax."

I did and I felt his cock head moving about in my ass. The slickness of the lubricant made it a pleasant feeling. I grunted a couple of times when he would push a bit further into me and he would stop immediately.

His thrusts became faster and faster and I could feel him moving deeper into my ass as he grasped my hips and pulled me to him. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling trying to block out the slight pain that kept moving thru my body as Johnny fucked my ass and Gary fucked my wife in the next room.

He was done. I felt the heat and slickness of his sperm when he ejaculated into my bowels. I stayed there motionless while he recovered his shorts, wiped off his cock and exited the room.

I wondered about the silence in the other room. I had forgotten about Jean. I quickly cleaned myself and pulled my suit up. I eased over to the door and peeked into the room. I could see Jean on the bed. I could see Gary sitting on one side of her naked body and Johnny sitting on the other side. They were talking in low tones. Gary chuckled. I knew that Johnny was telling him that he had just fucked me in the ass. Jean would hear! I peered at her face. She was asleep. At least, she seemed to be asleep. I hoped so. I didn't want her to know that I was being fucked at the same time she was.

I didn't want to leave the bathroom but I knew that sooner or later I had to. It was obvious that Gary and Johnny were not going anywhere anytime soon.

I stepped into the room acting as casual as possible. I was stupid enough to think that if I pretended that nothing was out of the ordinary then Gary might not fully believe Johnny.

Then what the fuck did I care anyway? We would be gone tomorrow back to the states and never see these two again. It would be a sexual fantasy fulfilled and no harm done.

Gary spoke. "I fucked your wife." He was grinning.

I just looked at him and down at Jean.

"She has a tight pussy, huh?"

I nodded. I didn't know where this was going.

"How about her ass? Is that tight also?" He was grinning.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Come over here," he commanded me.

I approached him.

"Come here, don't be so scared."

"I'm not scared!" I snapped.

"I want to show you something." He smiled. He maneuvered me until I was standing between Jean's legs. I looked down at her and observed her swollen pussy lips. "Now that is a well fucked pussy. Would you agree?"

I nodded.

"I want you to fuck her now okay?" I looked at him and at Johnny. I was erect. The slippery cock in my asshole and now the sight of my wife's swollen pussy kept me hard.

"Okay." That was all I said I moved up onto the bed between her legs and to my surprise Gary reached in between us and helped me insert my cock into the puffiness of her cunt. I slid easily into her stretched pussy and began to move my hips in a fucking motion working my cock around in a circular motion in her cunt.

It was then that I felt the weight of someone on my back. I attempted to move but was pinned between my wife's body and the person on top of me. I turned my head sideways and realized that it was Gary. I immediately felt the head of his cock pressing at my butt. I felt his fingers prying the cheeks of my ass apart and his greased cock sliding into my already sorely fucked asshole.

The weight of his body served to drive my erection as deep into my wife as it had ever been - and at the same time I felt his cock invading my bottom. I said, "Wait! Easy!"

He chuckled and drove his hardened cock deep into me. I screamed in pain and drove my cock deep into my wife. We fucked in unison. I felt the waves of pleasure spreading across my body as his sperm flooded my burning asshole and my sperm, in turn, flooded my wife's swollen cunt.

The west coast of Mexico was a year ago. We haven't talked about it. I don't know how much she knows. She doesn't know what I know. Too much booze. I do know that she is now playing house occasionally and I don't care. I play the same game. We are going to Mexico again this year. We are going with our next door neighbor, his wife and their teen age son and daughter. I jerk off just thinking about the possibilities.


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