Still looking; My wife needs to be deeply filled!

Hoping that there is SOMEONE out there, with a massive, throbbing black cock; balls full of sperm; that feels more than ready to find relief in the sweetest, tightest, most delicious pussy one could imagine. Dominate that sweet thing, sliding into her as she screams and clutches onto you, nails digging as her eyes clamp shut in the intensity of her orgasm. Slide into her...deeper and deeper as her pussy lips strain to take you in and she begs you in German to fuck her, you pound wildly into her feeling your release coming.....TELL her that she's about to be filled deeply with a black man's thick sperm and SEE if she doesn't beg you....even if you offer to pull out of her, in her desperation she will pull you into her and gasp that you release just like that....You explode inside of her as she screams again, pumping her full of your seed....and, at length, you slide from her as I move in to clean her...

This is all new to us, but something that I would like to have happen...for her pleasure and MINE in watching and hearing her excitement...
If interested in taking this woman's 'bbc virginity' drop a line and, if possible, some pics/descriptions of what you are "into" or want to do with/to her and a decision will be made. This sounds too "distant", I know, but we're not ready for a gang-bang thing...just the one, perfect bbc to fill her with black flesh and make that fantasy reality.
I can help. I stay in MD and can travel.
Well, "help" would be greatly appreciated! All I'm waiting on now is for her to get home from overseas (this week) to try and set things in motion! I am very serious in seeing this thing through and fulfilling her wildest imaginings. Will she become hooked and black cock? She has indicated in the past that she wouldn't, but...I guess we'll see!