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still looking for the biggest in Boston...

ok.We live in and work in B town . Work of course. stresses her out. Traffic and rush hour add to her stress. she tells me, she always sees cute suit and tie type black guys when shes walking by starbucks or through Copley. she says" people dont just hit on eachother while their walking down the street" I said maybe not, but get the ball rolling with a smile.. I keep asking her, wouldn't it be nice if you met a MBC and on Friday after work you could meet him for a drink. After a couple of drinks he can walk you to your car. YOU GUYS CAN FUCK RIGHT THERE At Her Car. I tell her its a great way to avoid rush hour and it will give us something to talk about in bed until the next Friday...if you have a huge black cock and you live or work around.. If your into all chest wwomen. I would love for you to get my wife out for a drink.JUST START BY WALKING HER TO HER CAR. If you walk her to her car in the garage A FEW TIMES, flirtt alittle,, after a couple or few walks to her car and you being such a gentleman and carrying her office bag,it will be time to get a little aggresive. Shell have a few drinks in her, so put her hand on your big dick. let her feel the size, lift her.skirt and pull her into your massive cock thats all. then tell her you want to see her again...i know she wants it, she tells me about 3 times per week. she says she doesnt know how to ask. she says she wouldnt know how to get a bbc to walk her to hoer car. she needs an aggressive hung black stud to take her across the interracial threshold. she is wearing skirts to work along with busty shirts and bras in hopes that her fantasy comes true. .i know once she feels that monster she will come home and beg me to meet you again. pics and videos to me. talk her into more than one black cock. remember, black monster cocks only. she needs for you to wake her up sexually. she will end up loving it!!
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I would imagine the "biggest in Boston" probably has a full schedule of his own, wouldn't you think? Maybe you could post a couple pics of your wife to show him just how "hot" she is ... ;)
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