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    Hi friends [​IMG]

    My beloved girlfriend has read and approved all this and hopefully you will enjoy our journey almost as well as we do. You will see the english is not my native language but I hope I make my self understandable anyway.

    My girlfriend is in her mid 30ies and she is very very pretty and has a super sexy body. As a scandinavian she is tall and a very pretty brunette with an incredible sexy body. She is 170 cm tall and weight around 56 kgs I believe that is 5 foot 7 inch and around 123 punds. When going out she always gets ALOT of attention. I dont know what I did to get such a lady but I must admit I feel very lucky. We love each other very much and our communication is strong.

    This all started some months after we started as a couple when I wanted to make things a little hotter than just normal sex. I started pillow talking with my wife when playing with her pussy.

    Our pillow talk turned more and more over to be about 3somes. I dont know why but I have always liked the fantasy about 2 men and my girlfriend. I was in such luck that my beloved girlfriend had this as her major fantasy and when she confessed this to me I was happy, horny and in love and of course and I still am.

    After a while I found my self picturing (Let's call my girlfriend L) L being fucked by another man while i watched it. At little background about me: I have always fancied porno with black men and white women and have occasionally stumbled on (and liked) interracial porno and stories.

    So sometime the pillow talk moved over to me watching her having sex. L was also quite turned on by those stories to our mutual fun. The theme moved more and more towards her cuckolding me and the stories got wilder and more daring. A good example is that I was only allowed to watch not get anything.

    She loved when I licked her after me coming in her. L was talking about that also out of the bedroom. Me eating my cream pie really turned her on. So after a while this where in our cuckold stories too and she really liked that a lot. After this she started to humiliate me, and it turned me on. She told me how humiliating it must be to lick another mans cum out of her pussy, but I would have to do that if it ever happened. She made me promise that I would do it.

    She also started to humiliate me with my penis size. I am not very small or anything but she told me she have had WAY bigger and longer lasting men before me. She started to call me speedy not referring to my driving abilities. My cock she named mini.

    Shortly after that I started to fantasize about her with a well endowed black man and I read cuckold stories about this. I started to introduce that to our pillow talk and showed her IR porno. At first she was not into it but after some IR porno and some more pillow talk she almost became obsessed to this idea. And this is now her main fantasy, to cuckold me with a Big Black Cock. And I must admit I love it.

    I suggested that we bought a BBC dildo, but she was against it. Not because she generally was against toys as she already had some but this was just too far for her and as mentioned she was at the beginning not that much into black men. She would not even have a BBC dildo in the house. One day while licking her I teased her a lot an made her really horny. I started to tease her with the BBC dildo and in her horniness she gave in and said "YES! Please buy one".

    I did buy a really huge one for her. We are still playing with it but it is a bit too big for her. So we wanna buy one that is a little smaller. Looking forward to that [​IMG]

    Sometimes I did and still do send her naughty pictures of IR sex to her mail or facebook (as a private message). She likes the pictures and knows that I am lusting for her and this hole thing. At that time I remembered that I had seen something about chastity devices for men. I saw pictures of it and read about it. It turned me on. Especially the stories about male chastity and cuckolding. So I did try to send her some pictures of that too. She LOVED it. To be able to controle my orgasms was a kick for her. And I loved her for it.

    So after some more reading, sending pictures, etc I bought a CB6000 chastity belt for men. It fitted quite well and she LOVES to use this on me from time to time ( I am even wearing this right now and she has the keys ). We (Especially L ;-) ) is fantasizing about having great sex with other men while she controle my orgasm with the chastity device and denying me sex and orgasm. She is so hot isn't she?

    This year we have also started with some spanking. This is one of her favorite things right now. She has a whip we bought which she loves to use on me. Sometimes I fear she will become an "evil" beautiful little cuckoldres you read about in the REALLY nasty stories. But I guess I have asked for this my self. But still it is scary. When I tell her about my concerns she just tell me that I might regret our contract but that is too late now. The she often touches my cock to see what my cock wants wants. And my hardon gives her the answer.

    Back to the mentioned contract. One horny night when I could not sleep i took the courage and wrote a cuckold/hotwife contract. This contract stated that I should remain faithfull the rest of my life and she could have the sex she wants with whom she wants and whenever she wants. This contract also gave her full power over the chastity belt, the whip and other things.

    I was afraid how she would react the next morning but she loved every part of the contract and especially the part that grants her full sexual freedom. She even had amendments to the contract and we negotiated in a funny way until we both signed the contract. The contract is a good base for our future game as she knows how free she can be but also know the limits. If anyone in this wonderful forum wants to know more about the contract let me know.

    We started to talk about how we/she could meet future candidates and we talked about local swingers sites and international sites more into BBC/hotwife like this site. We decided to go both places and we have split it up so she takes care of the local site and I am searching in the international sites. For people living away from us we always offer to host them for a night.

    So far it has been far more difficult than we expected. Not at all because no one is interested, but she is a pretty lady and therefore she is also a bit picky. Another issue in our search is that there is a lot of not so serious guys out the just hunting for pictures and naughty chat. But one day we found a guy that was ok. Not black as they are rare in our place but he was a true gentleman and has a good sized cock. We met with him on Skype and she approved him så we made a date with him. I will describe what happened in my next update.
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    Y'all sound like fun I would love to chat with you and your wife
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    Feel free to contact us :)

    Nice pics ;)
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