step in the right direction...

...last night my wife told me, there are two cute muscular black guys working the parking garage at the hotel across from her work. sge said she is going to see what happens and to see if they come onto her. all steps in the right direction. she is showing i.terest.
i wonder how well it would work to have some black stud, talk her into a drinnk and when he walks her to her car he pushes her up against the car and pushes his cock in her. do you think she would wind up liking it?


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... as much as you hear of women who like fantasizing about that kind of thing, in the "real world" it's very risky, as well as dangerous. Let's paint the picture ... girl teases a black dude, then accepts drinks and a walk to her car, he forces a kiss, then a feel, then unzips, hikes up her mini-skirt, and tears away her thong or bikini panties, and jams it home, with his hand over her mouth ... maybe she had a orgasm and maybe she didn't, but IF she has regrets and takes him to court ... :rolleyes: here's this little lady all dressed up innocently and proper like (lawyer's suggestion) and here's this black man, hair in dreadlocks, a couple earrings, no coat & tie .... well, let's just say, there are enough "bruthas" in jail already ... let's not give the dumber ones any ideas. ;)