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Statisticians were at a loss to explain ...

Well any white man struggling to get a girlfriend show go to Africa of the Far East. African and Oriental women just can't get enough white cock.

It's quite amusing in Africa. Single white men are the cream of the social crop, and white women girls have to seriously compete to get the attention of white men as they are so crowded by the African women elbowing the white females out of the way to get that potential white boyfriend...

They just want a man who will treat them nice....

Not that white women go short since the African men are climbing over each, over the wall, climbing trees and dropping into gardens, blackmailing husbands, intimidating the meek, plotting for months just to get their cocks up that sweet and tight white pussy.

Meanwhile the white women have had enought of polite consideration and niceness....They have come to Africa and now they want it dark, rough, aggressive, demanding and again..and again...and again....and again.....and again:)
I remember very well a South African woman describing the difference between dating a white man and a black man in SA. (She was married to a white man and had a Black Master her husband did not know about).
"When I went on dates with white men they bought me flowers and chocoloates, took me to restuarants wining and dining me and talking about anything but what they wanted."
"When I date a black man. He looks me over and tells me to 'get my knickers off'. It is so refreshing and honest and direct...my knickers fly off..."
Though she seems to be happy and love her husband she looks forward when he has to work away. If it matches her lover being able to send his wife off somewhere she is over to her lover's villa like a shot.
Once she walks through his villa gates she ceases to be a modern SA married white woman and becomes 'a black man's white slave'