Special delivery


Being the shorter of the two black delivery men, Danny led the way up steps and landings and pressed the doorbell before turning to help Virg set the first stack of cases of bamboo wood on the porch . A few moments passed before a face appeared in the doors small window. Two clicks and the door opened wide to reveal a petite beautiful woman late thirties to forties dressed in a skin tight workout yoga skirt that showed off a beautiful set of legs and a sports bra top. She had raven dark short hair, green eyes, and delicious curves. She stood there still a moment with a shaker cup in one hand. The warmth of her questioning smile turned quickly to full delight as she spotted the small logo on the van. Virg noted her spreading blush as Danny asked: "Is this the home of Ms. Wendy Parks"

"Yes I'm Wendy. Oh, I've been waiting for this. Could you please carry it all inside?"

The blush deepened as Wendy admired these two fine young black men lifting the boxes and moving them into a dinning room where a carpet had been stripped away leaving a sub floor
The men continued to load the boxes from the van as Wendy held the door and made flirtatious comments about how strong they both were and what a good job they were doing.
Virg commented to Danny at the van, " This bitch is hot and I think she wants to fuck.

"Easy there bro", I don't want to lose this job Virg.

The men carried in the last two cases from the van and as they both straightened up, neither could help but notice the woman's familiarity, her smile and her eyes looking over them both. Holding up the tablet, Virg felt a tightening in his throat as he explained: "Ms. Parks , we need your signature for delivery."

"Oh please! It's Wendy - And would you have just a minute to wait - I was just on my way to the bathroom when you rang."

Her simple request was greeted by two broad smiles and no objections, Wendy turned casually and strolled back thru the dinning room with enough movement in her mature shapely hips to guarantee that two brown eyed hunks appreciated every step. Closing the powder room door, Wendy gave a long gasp, turned toward the mirror and got busy. Quickly checking her lipstick and eye liner and mascara , she bent and lifted her skirt. The panties would have go she thought pealing them off and tossing them on the floor. She also set the shaker cup down. Her workout would wait. At least the one she had planned before the workers arrival. Satisfied with what she saw in the mirror , she left the room.

As soon as the bathroom door had closed, Virg turned to Danny with wide eyes and a smile that covered half his face. "Oohhh Danny! That is one fine woman."

Danny, laughed: "Virg - I'm in no hurry here lets skip lunch . We might get our tip in trade."

When Wendy reappeared, the blush had faded, replaced by eyes full of lusty fire. She retraced her steps down the front door with the same casual roll giving a view of her toned legs and hardening nipples. taking time as she walked, to appreciate lengthening bulges in the front of their uniform slacks. Walking boldly up to Virg with her hand held out, Wendy ignored the tablet and reached instead to take his large right hand in hers. Moving closer so her hip brushed his now fully hard cock, Wendy tilted her head back, looked straight into his now smoldering eyes said "You already know I'm Wendy. What's your name?"

Virg, fully erect and up to this challenge, looked down, moved even closer feeling her heat through the fabric and said: "My name is Virgil, but please call me Virg." Lingering to explore Virg's strong, long black fingers with eyes and hands, she shifted her hip returning pressure against his still covered cock. Wendy turned toward Danny, releasing Virg's hand while continuing full contact with his cock through the fabric of their clothes.

Wendy found that Danny had himself moved closer. Before she had a chance to speak, Danny captured her soft warm hand and raised to his full lips saying: "Danny - very pleased to meet you Wendy. We are both glad to be of service.

Wendy's smile was full of anticipation as she reached down, grabbed Danny's cock through his pants with a back hand and led the men towards the stairs to the right across from the powder room.
Danny, now the willing captive kept pace bring his right hand down to stroke the back of Wendy's upper thigh as they walked up the steps , lifting her skirt so Virg, following behind had a view of her perfect mature ass and an occasional glimpse of a gorgeous pussy each time she stepped .

This horny parade lead thru a small living room to a spacious bed room

Wendy stopped, just inside the room in an open space at the foot of a bed and released her grip on Danny's cock with a final squeeze and turning to Virg.
Virg bent , pulled up her sports bra and kissed her hard nipples, one then the other. Danny gently rolled a nipple with his tongue sucking it with his full black lips as he pulled the bra up and over Wendy's head.
Wendy reached up and started to undo the buttons of his shirt. This was clearly too much work for one person. Before Wendy got halfway down Virg's shirt front, Virg had dropped his pants and boxers to his ankles and stood wondering how he was going to lose his damn Redwing work boots without breaking the spell. Wendy came to his aid as any practiced milf would. Undoing the last two buttons she felt something hard, warm and fleshy poking into her rib cage. A low deep moan escaped her as she looked down at the most beautiful black cock she had ever seen. It was a straight gleaming piece of black meat and at least nine inches long, thick, and sporting a big well defined head.

While Virg shrugged out of his shirt, Wendy dropped to her knees, raised her hands to her newest prize and gently wrapped her lips and tongue around the already dripping head of his cock, tasting then swallowing his pre-cum. As Virg shuttered and Moaned above her, Wendy slowly took him deeper into her hot wet mouth, using her tongue to move saliva to his shaft lubricating the way. Six, then seven inches disappeared into her throat. Pulling back just slightly and refreshing her supply of saliva, Wendy began a slow, wet, rhythmic blowjob while reaching below her to unlace Virg's work boots.

As She loosened Virg's laces, Wendy felt hands around her waist searching for the top of her skirt. She turned slightly to see Danny, now naked bending over her from behind. For a moment she ignored him to complete her task. Boots off, pants and boxers kicked free, Wendy released Virg and quickly stood to drop her skirt revealing womanly hips, a toned mature belly and a gorgeous pussy with a neatly trimmed triangle patch of pubic hair as dark as her raven hair on top was.. Pausing a moment to allow their appreciative stares, Wendy now took a close look at Danny's own proud manhood. She gasped with amazed joy and dropped back to her knees for a proper inspection. Danny's cock, a bit shorter than Virg's was no doubt the thickest she'd ever seen. In her heated state, Wendy ignored her common sense and repeated the tribute she'd paid to Virg. Her efforts were valiant but woman's jaw cannot unhinge like a snake. The best she could manage was the huge bulbous head plus three inches of his shaft.

Danny, who'd enjoyed a generous share of black women was completely amazed - his low howling moan encouraging Wendy to her best efforts. He'd never been with any white woman before and had long since abandoned any thought of getting a decent blowjob. As Wendy continued her wet, sucking, tongue swirling worship Danny slid his hand into her dark hair stabilizing the back of her head as his hips began to thrust involuntarily. Danny, who was now fucking her mouth, looked down and locked onto her sexy green eyes. Gazing into those lust filled emerald orbs staring back at him and watching his dark rod stroking in and out of her delicate beautiful face, he felt himself losing control.
Above her, Wendy heard a deep moan that rose in volume and pitch until a howl accompanied huge spurts of hot cum that almost choked her. Wendy was unable to shallow the huge load fast enough and had to allow a good portion of it over flow out of the corners of her mouth and run down her chin and onto her chest. Fortunately, Wendy who prided herself on her cock sucking skills recovered and managed to clean off his tool completely causing him to moan and squirm as she sucked his now sensitive member.
Before releasing Danny, Wendy completed her task, licking the last few drops now dribbling from the end of his thick cock. Virg stand watching with his still erect cock in his hand manage red a " Damn" as her watched her finish Danny.
Wendy stood walked to a nightstand and grabbed a tube. Measuring two squirts onto her palm she started to move her hand down to her pussy.

Realizing her intent, Virg stepped forward and said: "Wendy, please allow me the honor."

Before she could respond, Virg dropped to a crouch in front of her, thrust both muscular arms through her legs, bringing his hands up to support her back and rose to his full height slowly. Wendy found herself sitting with her thighs straddling Virg's shoulders and her pussy just inches from his smiling mouth, and her shoulders and head touching the ceiling.

"Wendy, I have never been with a white woman before and I would like to moisten you my way."

Virg drew a deep breath through his broad nostrils, inhaling her womanly scent. Then pausing to lick his lips he stretched out his tongue and began to explore her pussy lips, tasting, teasing and drawing them in with caressing lips. As Wendy recovered from her shock of being hoisted she became aware that Virg's sweet tongue was as long as every other part of him.
As Virg's tongue dug deeper he felt Wendy's own sweet vaginal fluids joining his saliva. Very soon she was one very wet woman. With a final deep kiss he withdrew, looked up at his beautiful white goddess and asked: "Are you ready to get fucked?"

Wendy whimpered a yes and Virg slowly lowered her back to a standing position. With her legs still parted, Virg shifted to one side and reversed his right arm to come through her legs from the back.

Then acting on some tender impulse, Virg looked at the glow on Wendy's face, gently cupped a hand behind her neck turned her head and leaned in for a kiss. His first soft kiss landed on her forehead, the second and third on each eyebrow, the fourth on the bridge of her nose. He pulled back slightly to see her reaction then moved back in with parted lips to her mouth. Tender testing at first, their tongues soon began to explore the interiors of their partner's mouth. A few minutes in, Wendy pulled back with a shutter, a moan. In a low feral voice, she said: "Will you two please fuck me now?"

Wendy walked to the bed and climbed on. As she placed her back down on the bed laying across it, Virg moved toward her legs, Wendy stopped him with: "No, I want Danny inside me first." Danny beamed and Virg frowned until Wendy said: "Virg, kiss me more while Danny fucks me please. "

Danny knelt between her legs while Virg approached from the other side of the bed and resumed his exploration of Wendy's face, small kisses at first, ears, neck, chin, and finally lips and mouth.

Danny would not be deprived of kisses. As Virg kissed above, Danny applied his lips mouth and tongue to his first white pussy. Almost overcome by her sweet aroma and steamy warmth, he brought his tongue to her pussy lips, testing their shape and size, sucking each one into his mouth, then separating them in search of her clit. Tracing its contours he pushed his mouth deeper to capture her fully erect clit with his full lips. He seized it, enfolding, teasing and nibbling lightly. Wendy responded with a shudder and hips rose to meet his mouth, increasing the pressure. As Wendy shoved her cunt against his face, Danny released her clit and drove his fat, long tongue deep in her vagina reaching for her G-spot and scouting the trail for his now throbbing cock. Danny knew Wendy was ready to be mounted but there was one more thing he needed to do.

He retrieved the tube of lube and put four good pumps on the palm of his hand. Transferring this load to the mass of his cock, he spread the lube to cover it fully. Then kneeling between Wendy's legs, he positioned the huge head for entry. Applying pressure to stretch her opening, he felt Wendy tense up. Bringing his lubed thumb to the head of her clit, he began a slow rotating caress until he felt her begin to relax. Danny resumed his assault: shove in two inches, pull back an inch, thrust a bit deeper, repeat. At her head, Virg was in sync with his partner. His deep tongue kisses matched the movements of Danny as he continued to slowly drive his cock against the resistance and now found a full half of his meat in a tight wet embrace. As Wendy's flesh yielded to Danny's great girth, discomfort slowly yielded warm spreading waves of pleasure.
Wendy had never felt a cock stretch her so far open before.
As Wendy now responded vigorously to Danny's fucking, Virg found his tongue trapped in a chewing moaning vortex. As Danny achieved full penetration, Wendy pushed Virg away and whispered: "I want your cock in my mouth now."
Moving his massive cock towards her mouth Virg slid his hand under Wendy's head and gentle positioned her to receive him. Meanwhile, Danny was now delivering full deep strokes. Wendy, in her sensual overload gripped Virg's cock and pulled it into her mouth. All measure of restraint gone, Wendy reached above her head to grab the firm ass cheeks of her second black lover and pulled him deep into her throat. As Wendy strained at both ends, Virg watched in astonishment as most of his nine inches disappeared down her throat. To celebrate her triumph, Wendy stated to suck vigorously. To the extent that she could think at all, Wendy considered this glorious spit-roasting by two huge black studs, as a naughty surrender to her most carnal lusts. The black rods penetrating her synchronized: plunging and pulling out reveling in tight pussy/tight throat - juicy and hot. Long minutes of sensual pleasure. Wendy orgasmed first. Pulling Virgs cock out of her mouth to avoid biting it she gave into her urge to come. Danny's ferocious pounding, his huge thick cock left no nerve untouched - too much - too good - tooooohhh much - OH God Fuck. As Wendy's body melted into violent spasms as her eyes rolled back into her head.
Danny could no longer defy nature as her could feel the hard contractions of Wendy's pussy jerking on his cock which was already squeezed impossibly tight into her tiny white pussy. This combined with her loud moaning and continued exclamations of "Oh god yes ",and " Fuck yes I'm still cumming " robbed him of the last of his control. Danny blew his second load of the day flooding Wendy's vagina with cum.
Upon feeling the hot gush deep in her pussy splashing against her cervix, Wendy's orgasm that was receding, peaked all over again as another wave hit her. This orgasm blew her mind as her pussy muscles tried to squeeze the massively thick invader that was stretching her cunt open wider than it ever had been before. Holding her breath she spread her legs as wide as they would go. Her pussy and the black cock inside of it were all that existed all that mattered for what seemed like an eternity. Finally she sucked in a breath as the orgasm let go of her. Both her pussy and his cock continued to throb as Mother Nature saw to it that as much of his African sperm reached her white womb as was possible.
Wendy relaxed closing her eyes and enjoying the weight of Danny on her and the feeling of his skin on hers until he abruptly pulled out and got off of her.
Before she realized it Virg mounted her and his huge cock filled her up again as slid most of the way into her easily. The last inch felt as though he was up against her cervix pushing it for more room.

Wendy was amazed that her tiny pussy stretched by Danny had adjusted to take virgs black cock so well.

Danny fucked her slowly at first and the feeling of his huge defined head popping in and out past her pubic bone caused her to feel an urgent heat that begin to rise in her loins again. Her swollen clit and G spot nerves were being stimulated again.

Wendy looked up at Virg and as she met his eyes he asked her, " Who does that white pussy belong to now girl ?"
" Yours " she whimpered. " It's yours and I want you to fill it too."

Virg picked up the pace driving his cock in and out of her. faster.

Wendy realized that she was going to explode again her impending orgasm panicking her a bit.

"Oh no . Not again. " " Oh fuuuuucckkkk" escaped her mouth as he pounded her tortured pussy. "Fuck me fuck me fuck me " followed over and over as she looked up at him with a crazed feral animal look on her pretty face.

Virg continued to pound thru her wave after wave of orgasm.

"Oh fuck your swelling." " Fuck it's getting bigger" Wendy screamed. As he felt as though he swelled another inch.

Wendy's animal wail was joined by Virgs loud roar as he released a torrent of come into her already full pussy.

Virg continued to fuck despite his urge to lock up, driving his throbbing member in and out of Wendy's pussy that was filled to capacity with both men's cum. Each new spurt added more come that was now flooding out of Wendy with each withdrawal of virg's black ram. Cum was running down Wendy's ass and pooling on the bed.

Virg thrusted one last time before collapsing on Wendy. Again her spasming pussy milked his throbbing member of all of its baby making seed.

The two layed there together Virgs sweat dripping off his nose onto her as he softly kisses her some more.

"Ahem" Danny cleared his throat. "We are 10 minutes late for our next delivery Virg. "

The two men rushed about the room getting dressed and thanking Wendy as she requested they both write there numbers on her receipt.
Both men scratched out there numbers and brought the tablet to her for her signature.

" Thanks for the delivery " she said devilishly as she signed.

Virg removed her copy from behind the carbon paper and looked Wendy in the eyes again.

"It was our pleasure mam" he said with a smile.
Both men then left the room.

As Wendy heard them leave she laid upon the bed exhausted and satisfied slowly drifting off . Cum had dried on her breasts . Her pussy was red and her labia and clit were a swollen cum covered mess. Cum was all over the bedspread, her legs, her ass and continued to ooze out of her battered pussy long after she was deeply sleeping.

In a dream she began to fuck Virg again exhausted she couldn't wake up despite the new orgasm creeping up on her. As she came she opened her eyes and saw the lover of her life, her husband with his blue eyes staring intently at her. His above average sized cock was swollen up hard and sliding in and out of silky swollen cum filled pussy. Neither as long as Virgil's or as fat as Danny's it was more than enough to satisfy her always and felt big in her battered pussy as the pleasure and pain of her sore cunt was blended together in her rapture. She came again as the familiar smell of her man filled her nose buried in his neck.

Jeff soon added his load to her busy womb before curling up next to her throwing a blanket over them both.

"I see you tipped the workmen "he said with a smile.

Wendy snuggled into him and smiled as well. " I think they were happy with the gratuity " she said.

She then slipped back into her slumber thinking of how nice it was to be able to fuck like a slut and then feel true love as well. Being a soccer mom wife and secretly a black cock whore was definitely the best of both worlds.

The wood floors would look great in the house. The kids and pets would be easier to clean up after. That she would have the naughty memories every time she looked at them was a really nice bonus.
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