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sox or no sox

some guys like that look girl wearing little white sox on during sex or do u take them off and prefer them off i know my husband likes the look but ends up with me 100 percent naked your thoughts so i know what most men like


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I don't like ANYone wearing clothes during sex ... that's socks, shoes, jewelry, crotchless panties, hose, blouses, or ANY thing ... I want my woman naked as the day she was spanked in the hospital. I don't even like body hair unless her pussy is neatly trimmed ... or as little as possible. NAKED, NAKED, NAKED ... all the way!

Which brings me to a question I once asked long ago ... lots of times in these black on white pics, you see the black guys wearing SOCKS ... what is it with black guys wearing socks during sex? You rarely never see white guys wearing socks while having sex, but about half the pics with black guys pounding some white woman, the guys are wearing black socks. Can ANYONE explain why that is?
Sporty look works for me. Heels and glam is preferred of course, but white sox, athletic shoes, and a ponytail/ball cap work for a change up. Sorta like you just bagged a whitey after spinning or Pilates.