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Hello.....We're a very happily married white couple 40 and 38 with three childern. Wife is attractive, 5-5 tall, about 130 lbs., short blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, nice boobs but not big and she has a very sexy ass.
More than anything i want my sweet southern wife and the mother of our 3 kids totally addicked to BIG SUPERIOR BLACK COCKS. I want her totally sexually control by well hung black men in the bebroom on a regular basis.
I've been wanting this for about 2 years now. You would not believe how many times i've jacked-off to fantasies of my wife sucking and fucking BIG SUPERIOR BLACK COCKS while i watch. About 2 months ago i got up the nerve to talk to her about my desires. She was not as shocked as i anticipated. But i have to admit i have my work cut out for me to get her to take the first step. I think that my wife having a high sex drive will help me reach my goal. I totally believe that my time and effort will be well worth it.
This lifestyle where married white couples are meeting well hung black men for the wifes sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction is very big nowadays and getting bigger every month.
Its was somewhat of a surprise to see that so many other white husbands who want this for there wives to. Believe me its a hugh number of them. Just look around at sites like this one and you agree.
Also i would love talking other wannabe white husbands by e-mail