SouthAfrican real White ladies

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    South Africa
    Amazing that there are quite a lot of ladies on site that are from SouthAfrica and claim they want BBC,in actual fact they are mostly fake and just time wasters. So where are the real people??
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    Well that white pussy you see in my Avatar is of a "real people"! Lol
    It's a picture of Pam's pussy, my wife, that was taken out on the patio the morning after Edwin, an old university friend and roommate of mine, introduced it to its first ever BBC the previous night. Pam said it needed some good old sunshine soothing from having been worked overtime by a BBC the previous night and was a little tired and sore! That blessed event was an all nighter that went on from about 11:00 pm till daybreak! Edwin gave Pam the best fucking of her life. I stopped counting her orgasms at somewhere around 14. That was over four years ago and she's still has orgasms thinking about it! I've never even read about a guy who could keep it up like Edwin! He's awesome! Sorry, I digress! My point is, yes, there are real people on here but, unfortunately, like no matter where you are, you'll find some flakes! Que Cera Cera!