South African Interracial Non-Existent

Are there white women and or white couples in South Africa having Interracial Sex?

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If you examine the map on the link above you will see that it may be possible to live in an area where it is not common to meet mixed race coloured people, but that it would be exceptionally hard for a white man living in SA not be very aware of the extensive incidence of white women having black babies. It is not just white men responsible for fathering children on black women.

3.2 million mixed race babies in South Africa did not arrive in a nappy carried by a stork...
Note to everyvbody except Dogging 789: this is a new member who joined on 15th November from his posts so far, especially the latest demonstrates he is a wind up merchant warranting no further attention
Good luck with white SA women join this site!

I reckon other white women in here should always work to make other white women aware of the lifestyle.

So if anyone chats to white SA women invite them in here here to check out what they missing.