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I don' see anywhere else to ask this:

Does anyone have any suggestions as where to find free Internet sites that have decent quality amateur interracial videos including cuckold, etc.?

Every free site that I have found usually has videos that look like the 30th copy of a 30th copy of a tape, the videos are so badly lit that nothing can really be seen, and so forth. Most of the really decent videos are, obviously, of professional actors in "professional" settings.

I would like to be able to show both my girlfriend, and my wife (they do know about each other), some very good quality videos to help get both of them interested in some BBC, swapping with a black couple, etc. However, professionals are going to turn both of them "off" because they won't get the idea that "regular" people are involved in such activities.


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The quality of most of the amateur videos on XHamster and the other sites is, generally, dismal to be generous!
In any case, amateur films, in most cases, or too short, or poor quality, so they are an amateur, you must also put the right light, have a good camera, and not be distracted by make film, but I think it is difficult, when you yourself are involved .
One would think that with modern digital video equipment, that is very moderately priced, things would improve!

But, I suppose that such is just not the case!