Sorta into this

So we're a couple, both like the idea, however I wouldn't say either are much into the cuckold thing, maybe lightly. Could anyone suggest a good way to look for someone to join? We live in a almost all white city, and would rather not use craigslist. If there is anyone around 18-25 that lives around mid Iowa feel free to msg us.
Hello. It depends what you are comfortable with. If you don't want to use any websites to find a black man for your woman to enjoy then you are limited to meeting someone in public. But, you also mention you live in a city that is almost all white so that will be difficult. I suggest a weekend trip to a city with a larger black population and possibly a visit to places where swingers meet. You can research that online.

By the way, when your wife (or girlfriend) has sex with another man you are basically a cuckold because of that technically. But I think I know what you mean by not much into the cuckold thing.

Good luck. Your woman deserves to fully enjoy her sexuality and it's really great that you are willing to help her make that happen.