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    My wife had her local "bull" come over Thursday night.......after me watching and jacking off for a while, he was having a hard time I went into another room and just left them alone and listened to her moaning and squeeling

    After 20 minutes he came out fully dressed, shook my hand and left........."he came in my ass...he used a condom" she said disappointedly. "You like feeling 'em squirt, baby?" "yeah......."

    So, last night after she won an amateur strip contest (I am not kidding) in PA, I wanted to fuck her when we got home......when I got into her ass, she told me it was too sore from "Mike"........its humiliating, but a turn on....she told me that he held her shoudlers down and rammed her ass pile driver style from behind until he came......she said he was real rough, plus his big dick made the soreness deep and intense. She had a version of her bbc "rape" fantasy fulfilled.......finally.

    BLAKE2 055.jpg
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    sore shit-box is good for her cuck!

    just caint wait to but fuk her!
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    thats great man, please more pics!!
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    Yes, it takes a bit of getting use to but it is wonderful. My first time I thought he was going to split me in two however with his slow masterful way after a while all I could do was plead with him not to stop. It'n never easy but with enough lube and the right man ... it brings about some of the most intense and wonderful orgasms ever. But yes, one is sore .. and still wants more. Although I can only speak for myself.
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    20120904-P1010122.jpg 20120904-P1010117.jpg 20120904-P1010122.jpg 20120904-P1010117.jpg 20120904-P1010110.jpg
    So here is what we use, hubby is opening up his butt for black cock in these pics. It is a expanding dildo. Just pump the bulb and blow it up. Makes it much more comfortable when the moment comes...
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    Your very conciderate to let sissy hubby get his bootie trained up before he is expected to bend over & present his pussy for a hung alpha bull.
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    thats whut up .... gape that ass open..... that ass gonna get phat fuckin with da bbc's..... would love to pound her out for ya