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Soooo...anyone almost get caught?

So I am just curious if anyone's secret life of being a BBC bull, hot wife, or a cuck hubby every got out or almost got out?

I will start. I was at my bulls house one weekend and he had me in the living room bent over getting it good and some loud pleasure cumming from my mouth.

His brother came over and I basically had to run in to the laundry room panties around my ankles when he walked in the front door. James caught a glimpse of him as he walked past the bay window. James pulled up his pants and plopped on the couch.

I had to stay in there for two hours. I almost wish he would have caught us. Might have had a threesome.


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I remember fucking this convenient store mgr in her office. Her husband treated her like shit so everyday she should send me pics and we nearly got caught by her husband one time. Luckily she saw the security monitor of when he started walking into the store. I excited thru the back door that day. Looking like I just finished fucking. :) I miss those days.... It was fun.


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Outside of this lifestyle i was once "caught" lying naked in bed with a girl i had at that time. The landlord who had a key for the flat didn`t bother much `bout ringing the bell so he just came in. We haven`t heard him `til he was opening the bedroom door and because of my being surprised i just jumped out of the bed with nothing on but my birthday suit. He was very apologetic afterwards. i just hated him for entering without having an appointment or at least ringing the door bell. :( At least he looked baffeled when he saw my "package". ;)