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Some thoughts

It seems that the vast majority of people on this forum are American. America has had the most notable 'racial tension' out of all the countries due to its black-white divide, but that is not to say that issues do not exist elsewhere.

I know you will say 'nothing compares to black'. In European countries some white women date Arabs. Sometimes these men are from North Africa and are of partial black descent. I see some black Americans that are mixed-race and light-skinned and I don't really see them as being black. Certainly they're no less black than many North Africans.

That is to say, for maximal skin tone contrast, it has to be a pure black (preferably West African) man with a pure Northern European woman, no fake tan or anything like that.
I understand that probably not many people on this forum are going to be big on philosophy, but I will share something that I have been thinking about.

Does interracial sex involve an element of 'otherness', a binary dichotomy that divides groups of humans by placing them into categories?


Many contemporary academics and those on the political left will steadfastly deny that there is an 'other'. The political left is driven by a fanatical pursuit of 'equality'. Many on the left are keen to deny that race exists, or that any biological differences between humans exist for that matter. This is akin to the denial of reality for the sake of politeness.

You can look at interracial porn from a Marxist or Darwinist perspective if you like. In Marxist terms it constitutes a revolution - the white woman with the black baby symbolically represents a workers' revolution - out with the old 'oppressive' white man, in with the new. In Darwinist terms it represents an evolutionary change - the white woman with the black baby means that for literally thousands of generations, white people bred with other white people, and taking black cock means thousands of generations' genetic heritage is destroyed in an instant.

I'll quote this Wikipedia article:


"The idea behind Year Zero is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All history of a nation or people before Year Zero is deemed largely irrelevant, as it will (as an ideal) be purged and replaced from the ground up."

Similarly, white women having black babies is about white men's genes being "purged and replaced".
http://www.kevinislaughter.com/wp-content/uploads/2083 - A European Declaration of Independence.pdf

p. 1157

"I would claim that approximately 80-90% of Europeans (95% of men and 65% of
women) have chosen or will choose to find a partner within their ethnic group while more
than 95% of Asians and 95% of Africans will chose the same path. These people reject
the notion of finding a partner (with the intention to procreate) outside their own tribe.
These are facts that obviously do not correspond to the cultural Marxist desire to create a
“one-world, one people”, united under the Marxist-Islamic UN."

That's more than 1 in 3 females versus 1 in 20 males. That means almost 1 in 3 white males will be denied a woman, if this theory is correct. That is taking cuckoldry onto a different level altogether where it exists at the cultural level. That is to say that a white male may be sitting at home playing computer games whilst in the next street a white female may be fucking a black man.

Here's another thing, this is based on the branch of applied mathematics known as game theory, particularly a 'game of opposites' which seeks to class traits as masculine or feminine, similar to the idea of the 'other' above:


4.3. Super Masculine and Super Feminine States

It is proposed that any trait must be expressed both individually and collectively to be evolutionarily viable. Nation States can exist, although only temporarily, in a state of Super Masculinity or Super Femininity. Any State in a state of war becomes Super Masculine; if it does not, it loses the battle. This does not preclude a nation fighting in pursuit of feminine objectives, however.

  • The Super Masculine State dominates;
  • The Super Feminine State becomes extinct.
An obvious, and challenging, question then arises: When does a state change from being masculine (feminine) to being Super Masculine (Super Feminine)? The author's conclusions in this regard are:

  • The Masculine State expels alien races;
  • The Super Masculine State kills them.
  • The Feminine State admits alien races;
  • The Super Feminine State interbreeds with them.
White males, with their increased neurosis, have long sought to find out what the meaning of life is, and what truth is. Many philosophers struggled and failed, always generated more new questions than answers.

By contrast, the black man's attitude tends to be more like "live for today, fuck tomorrow". Not always but as an essentialist generalization it holds.

If white men's genes are becoming extinct, there won't be anyone to ask those pointless stupid and unnecessary questions that they came up with, with their silly, useless ideas, because they won't be around to ask them.


Contrast the two: the well-known dead white males include many writers, thinkers, scientists and other figures of accomplishment, whilst the well-known dead black males are mostly rappers.


* An observation by Vogt bears on this subject: he says, "It is a
remarkable circumstance, that the difference between the sexes, as
regards the cranial cavity, increases with the development of the
race, so that the male European excels much more the female, than
the negro the negress. Welcker confirms this statement of Huschke from
his measurements of negro and German skulls."

Sartre, as a philosopher espousing left-wing ideas, wants radical equalitarianism and denial of biological difference in terms of an individual's worth when he says that 'existence precedes essence'. That is to say, for Sartre the existence of white males and black males precedes the 'essence' of big black cock and tiny white dick. For a black cock slut, the 'essence' of big black cock is far more important than the mere existence of cocks, paradoxically supporting the right-wing idea of Darwinism and biological inequality. Sartre was opposed to 'racism and fascism' and supported Marxism. Yet paradoxically Sartre's left-wing and 'anti-racist', humanistic ("existentialism is a humanism") ideas do not fit in with interracial porn which is strangely more fitting with right-wing conceptions of reality. Those who see human nature and ability as a 'blank slate', a tabula rasa, determined entirely by nurture rather than by nature, seem to paradoxically put themselves in the opposite camp from both anti-egalitarian racialist anti-Marxist Darwinists AND black cock sluts who say that white men are inferior to black men.
I also thought about the fact that in Islam, it is permitted for Muslims to take non-Muslim women but NOT vice-versa. Since Muslim immigrants to Europe are mostly dark-skinned, this is a similar thing with interracial cuckoldry - dark-skinned Muslims have the right to have sex with the white women in Europe, whilst the reverse is not true at all and Muslim women that have dated white men have faced honour killings and the like. Some Muslims are black, others are mostly dark-skinned.
As far as the great North American divide between whites and blacks I agree that there is tension but I wonder how much tension there really is because I feel the media really plays it up to get people pissed off and watching their channel or reading their stories. I'm not saying there aren't issues but I believe the actually severity of it is being exaggerated on.

The extreme people on here that are calling out for an extermination of the white race through breeding kind of make me giggle. Like you said when they talk about it they are referring to a pure black male and a pure white female. Well the breeding of those two results in a baby that is mixed and not pure to either ethnicity so aren't you also slowly taking out the black race as well and then the future should be for the mixing of races? That's not a bad thing though. I think any race of individual should be able to love, and have offspring with any other race that they choose. Ultimately who cares what color of skin we have and where we came from when I feel as though it should be where we're going in the future.