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Some techniques that my hubby learnt from my ex black boyfriend...


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My hubby learnt some sex techniques watching me have sex with my ex black boyfriend. Some of these techniques allowed him find the answer what he called "a mistery".

In Missionary possition:
One of my husband's greatest questions was "why when you have sex with your ex boyfriend in missionary position, you wrap your legs around his body while you don't use to do that when we have sex?"
Indeed, I allways wrap my legs around my ex black boyfriend's body when we have sex in missionary position because I feel my orgasm come quickly in this way. With my husband never happen the same thing. I need to leave my legs open or put my feet over his butt, despite he begs me to wrap my legs around him. For my hubby, my legs and feet play an important role inside sex.
I wrapped my legs around my ex twice having sex in front of my hubby. Once fucking in a sofa and the other over our bed. My husband felt an incredible excitation watching me do that.
Some weeks after that, we were having sex in missionary (with my hubby) and I wrapped my legs around him. That was one of my first time doing that with him. He discovered why I reacted in that way with my ex and here is my explanation.
When my ex fucks me in missionary, he uses to keep his legs together, leaning his feet over bed or something else to fuck me. His movements are fines but they produce a close contact. When I feel that, it's automatic...I wrap my legs around his body to feel his dick even deeper inside my pussy. It's only matter of seconds to reach my orgasm. A lot of times when I wrap my legs around my ex we cummed together.
My hubby copied my ex's movements and the result was the same, I wrapped my legs around his body at last!

In courtesan position (woman sitting over man)

The first time my husband watched me and my ex having sex in courtesan position, he noticed my ex could cum when he wished and have a perfect control from his orgasm.
We had had orgasms before fucking in missionary, so my ex could keep his erection and fuck me in courtesan for a long time making me cum once.
After some minutes more fucking, my ex said us that he was going to try to cum. It excited my husband a lot because he understood that my ex could control his orgasm.
Axel started tensing all the muscles from his body and doing a supreme effort to contract his penis, guided my movements over him for some seconds. Then when he felt his orgasm was appearing, he incresed my movements and screamed loudly relaxed his body for complete.


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Its great that your husband is eager to learn new techniques and while having your ex there to enable him to see how to do things is wonderful, I can't help but wonder if you couldn't have explained it or positioned him properly yourself.
your ex is a wonderful man to try and show your hubby how to have sex with you. my guess is tho that is wont last long and your hubby will be wanting your ex to come back again..and again


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Too bad we don't have "spell checker" with this forum software. It's getting more and more difficult to even read and understand people when they write ... must be all the frik'n texting. :confused:


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your ex is a wonderful man to try and show your hubby how to have sex with you. my guess is tho that is wont last long and your hubby will be wanting your ex to come back again..and again
My ex didn't give my hubby any lesson to fuck, perhaps my explanation was wrong...it was my hubby who watched every detail during my sex session with my ex.