Some interracial analysis...

It is clear that Black Male white female sexual interaction is growing, some suggest by leaps and bounds! Why is this? There are the strong historical taboos against interracial sexuality as fuelling much of this growth. Interracial sex has long been taboo in our country, especially the variety between Black men and white women. This was the ultimate taboo, motivated by the white man’s fear of Black male sexuality as a force that would undermine him socially, sexually and besmirch the honor of his pure and chaste white wife.

As I have often noted, every emotion has a mirror image, a “flip” side of the coin so to speak, and thus there is often a fine line between anxiety and excitement. Fear and jealousy can also be linked with sexual arousal, and the white male while feeling tremendous anxiety at the prospect of the Blackman plundering his woman’s “treasure” also feel the excitement of sexual arousal at the thought or sight of his woman surrendering to the Black man’s more potent sexuality.

The history of racial segregation and prejudice in much part revolved around the white man’s fear of his woman being the object of the Black man’s lust and affections. The civil rights movement paved the way for the most obvious and violent forms of racial oppression to be eliminated, but the taboo regarding interracial sexuality has remained strong up until present day. It’s just that it is not legal anymore to restrict this form of sexuality, and so Black men and white women may “legally” interact on a sexual level, even though many whites still fear this form of sexuality.

With the advent of the internet, and thus the ability of masses of people to view erotic imagery in privacy and anonymity, white men in particular have been exposed to interracial imagery in a setting where they could react to and come to terms with it, without revealing their feelings outwardly to others. This has allowed the seductive erotic potential of interracial sexuality to seep into their minds and begin to transform the fear and jealousy into excitement and pleasure. They see interracial images of white women with Black men and imagine their wives in a similar situation. They see images of young white girls with Black men and imagine their daughter with a Black man.

One could have wondered what would happen in our society when white men en masse stop fearing and started embracing the erotic potential of interracial sexuality. As the white man in the privacy of his deepest thoughts begins to imagine the unimaginable, his woman or daughter in the sexual embrace of a Blackman! He finds to his amazement that he is in fact turned on at this thought! His innate fear of Black male sexuality is replaced by a growing realization that it could be a source of great pleasure not only for his woman, but for him as well.

He cannot believe how turned on he becomes when viewing interracial imagery where the white woman is giving herself to the Black man. He begins to imagine his own wife in those scenes and even dares fantasize about allowing or even encouraging his wife to submit sexually to a Black man. Once the potential for excitement and pleasure was realized, this phenomenon began to spread among white men via the internet, and its popularity is growing as the prevalence of interracial imagery on the net grows.

White women come to this concept in a decidedly different way. The fear they have historically had concerning Black male sexuality was based more on the reactions of white men and the community at large. There has always been curiosity about Black men on the part of white women, but never in our history has there been an outlet for satisfying that curiosity until now.

They have over time heard the stories and rumors in whispers of the Black man’s superior sized penis and more powerful unrelenting sexual energy. They have in the modern era learned that those rumors were largely true! Given the sexually liberating effect of modern feminism and the legally liberating effect of the civil rights movement, white women can now embrace this enticingly mysterious “Black sexuality” to determine for themselves just what it is like to be the object of a Black man’s sexual attentions.

For the first time the white woman is able to admit even to herself that she DOES enjoy the feel of the larger Black man’s penis inside her. His size and shape, the way he fills her, his sexual stamina, his dominance, all are intoxicating to her. At last she has met a man who can completely satisfy and fulfill her!

Now however, she has a dilemma. She loves the sexual magic that she feels in the Blackman’s arms, but at the same time, she wants the stability that comes from the approval of white society, and thus feels that while she craves the sexuality of the Blackman, she wants all the “trappings” of a conventional marriage to a white man.

She was forced to make a trade-off and thus chose to marry a white man. Now white women are finding out that they can have it all, the conservative conventional appearance of marriage to a white man, AND also the deeply satisfying sex to be had with a Black man. The best of both worlds!

This is not to suggest that all white women want to marry Black men. There is much to be said for relationships in which people share the same racial background, religion, political ideology, and perspectives. Also, not all white women married to white men view their sex lives as unsatisfying. Many white couples enjoy very fulfilling sex lives, BUT……when and if they discover the many joys inherent in the interracial lifestyle, many avail themselves of the opportunity to explore and experience the ultimate sexual taboo, and most are more than glad that they did. Indeed I believe, and it has been born out by some of the individuals that I have had the pleasure of corresponding with in my groups, that a happy and fulfilling marriage is the best environment in which to enjoy the interracial lifestyle.

Most of the time it is the husbands who through what they see on the internet become more and more interested in interracial sexuality and gradually get to the point where they wish to introduce this concept to their wives. From time to time I get requests from husbands for advice and help to ease their spouse into the concept of the interracial lifestyle, and I have had a number of resounding successes in doing so.

By all accounts this phenomenon (white couples embracing Black sexuality) is growing at a healthy pace, due mostly to the insistence of the white male in the relationship. Once the white wife or girlfriend begins to fully understand the opportunity for pleasure and fulfillment inherent in this arrangement, she is willing to go forward and experience it, enjoy it, and come to develop a hunger for it. This hunger to interracial sexuality reflects a woman’s nature and need to experience dynamic sexual interaction and variety with a man who can tap into her darkest fantasies and most primitive aspects of her sexuality in a way that white men simply cannot do.