Some internet BBC lovers

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Real Person
Jennifer 40's SWF, in Decatur, AL. INACTIVE. Fucked BM for a few years, Condoms? Had site
Sylvia 30's MWF, in LA. ACTIVE Motel slut, fucks WM and BM, Condoms? a few gangbangs a year, 1,000 men in 5 years. husband: ridemyslutwife YIM, on Imagefap can be contacted at

LaceyDawn (YIM) 30's SWF? location UNKNOWN, ACTIVE? was on yahoo 5yr ago, was in a few DVD's.
Chat on yahoo.

JessicaAdulterousSlut? (on YIM) 20's SWF, location UNKNOWN, ACTIVE? was on yahoo 5 years ago.
Chat on yahoo.

Veronica 20+ SWF? in N.C. on ILoveInterracial (Urdaddy) or agentmrojel YIM,
chatted with him recently.

Ashley-Valentina SWF? on ILoveInterracial ACTIVE? ??
BillyVinilli 42, 30's MWF in S.C.? on ILoveInterracial, ACTIVE, message box full
Jennat25, (Jenna T) 29 SWF on ILoveInterracial, in US, Tampa, FL. had at least 1 gangbang, fucks without condoms, sometimes no bc
Beehee (on Imagefap) wife MWF, 30's. ACTIVE?, US, UNKNOWNS on Imagefap under profile: beehee
Estoril167 (on Imagefap) MWF 30's ACTIVE?
Well she’s in France
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