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Some funny stuff

I did not know exactly which thread to post this in..but I got to tell someone..it's just to funny.
This is a true story..I swear.
A good buddy of mine...ill call him Nate. He a smooth brother..he's on another I.R. dating site..we get together..do some G/B stuff or tag team some wives from time to to time.
Anyway, he gives me a call late Saturday night...all laughing talkin about I had to hear this, I wasn't going to believe it. He had been contacted through this website by a couple..he had never talked to them before. They were in town staying a a little hotel not far away. They had been at cocktail perty for one of their jobs or something ..anyway..I guess they were ready to take the plunge and try some BBC. Nate is a good lookin..well hung about a 10 incher..from his profile and pic they liked what they say and it showed him being close to the area. A couple of quick emails and they exchanged phone numbers. He calls and talks to the hubby..still thinking this might be just some horny white dude wanting to beat off on the phone...but he says shit man...you never know. So they hubby gives him the address and room number of hotel...Nate is thinkin..damn this might be real..it was a nice hotel in a good part of town...so that set him at ease some. Though he asked for the hubs to meet him in the lobby just to be sure. So he arrives...meets the hubby...little white dude..reminded him of an accountant. They go up to the room...and the wifey is in there ..Nate was impressed....good looking babe...in her early 40's. obviously hubby spent some money on her...first thing you could tell was a huge fake rack...she looked like a kept woman. They make some small talk..have a drink...then the fun starts...anyway..Nate says he is poundin this white lady like crazy...and she is loving it...makin all kinds of noise..talkin dirty...well I guess it is more than the hubby can handle all the sudden he freaks out..starts callin her a whore....says he can't believe they decided to,do this...tears Rollin down his eyes..now my boy Nate is still layin there ..on top and up inside dudes wife. The grabs his car keys...says he's going back home....maybe her new boyfriend can take her slut ass home.....and the dude just up and walks out...Nate says they sit there for about 30 seconds...he looks down and says.....you mind if I finish baby girl? She actually giggled and said....oh please please do...one thing though....I got my tubes tied after our 2nd baby..so we won't be needing this...and sure as shit she reached down...pulled Nate out of her and stripped the condom off. Nate said he pounding that ass about another half hour then made a deposit. He was getting up to get dressed and asked if she needed a ride home for real. She accepted, Nate decided to stop and buy her some breakfast....said it was least he could do...so they had some coffee ,ate and chatted...when they left..she then asked Nate if he lived alone...he replied that he did...so she asks if they can take a detour and stop at his place for awhile as she was not ready to go home yet...she was having to much fun...plus she says....you bought me breakfast....I could at least repay the favor. Nate told me they went back to his place and he rocked that ass a few more times and that she stayed at his place till early the next afternoon....finally she said she better get going....she ended up just jumping in a cab.....but she did get his number and said he might be hearing from her soon.
Nate says he doesn't know if it was on the up....or some weird game her and her hubby play...he said the guy seemed genuinely upset..sooo..who knows. He just said that he got to tap a seriously hot MILF and dint really care either way.
I cut out a lot of,the details to save time....but ya'll get the picture....anyway I thought it was a story worth sharing.


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Well, you posted it in the right place and it shows another example of the old saying: "be careful what you wish for", especially when it comes to being cuckolded.

Mariposa blanca

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Hey, Phil, are you actually a guy? Because I saw a post you made in the thread asking for feedback from women on blowjobs they've given. I'm confused. All the questions were answered from a female standpoint, but now you're posting as a guy.

Hey, Phil, are you actually a guy? Because I saw a post you made in the thread asking for feedback from women on blowjobs they've given. I'm confused. All the questions were answered from a female standpoint, but now you're posting as a guy.


Yes, you are correct. My apologies...I used to be a couple. I've been slowly changing my profile...I need to post that on my wall. We just recently split up...so yes...now just a guy here.