Some Fiction: One of my fantasies.


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This is a work in progress: Will write more later.

I don't know if anyone is interested in actually reading this but on a previous site called Nworship I would occasionally type up fiction based on my own personal fantasies. I find doing so to be a big turn-on and also feel that it's somewhat therapeutic.

If reading this sort of Literotica isn't your thing, then don't read it. I would like to see good comments, if any at all. Negative or shitty comments will earn you an ignore from me.

Some or many parts of this might seem cliche or played out but I'm just honestly posting what is going through my mind and if it seems familiar, it could be because I read stuff on this site every night.

Without further ado:

Joe's Tale: A Man Defeated
My name is Joe Smith and I grew up in a small suburban town outside of a major metropolis. All my life I had worked hard competing, first academically and athletically at school. I wasn't the best athlete but I tried hard. After school I went to a prestigious university in the Northeast and studied law. I graduated at the top of my class and landed a job in New York at one of the best law firms in the country. After a few years I was making a million and a half a year. I was young, good looking, and very wealthy. I could have anything I wanted. I worked out at the gym four days a week to stay in shape. Mattbomer small.jpg
In law school I met Kara. She was the love of my life. Growing up I was always girl crazy, especially about red heads. Girls never seemed very interested in me and the few exceptions were very boring brunettes. But I always wanted a red head, with their soft, milky, pale skin, freckles, and pink puffy tits, red heads were exotic and wild. Now that I was in law school and I was actually going somewhere, women began to be interested in me. In law school Kara and I were just friends. But after I got hired on at the firm, I had the confidence to ask Kara out....and she said yes. The woman of my dreams was now mine. redhead2.jpg redhead5.jpg

Things went well for a long time. Kara and I eventually married. Everything was going perfectly for me. Sexually, the two of us had a wonderful sex life. My cock is an average 6.5" cock but thicker than normal. Kara was good at complimenting me on my equipment. But then one day, I don't know how it started, we had an argument because Kara accidentally called me Ron in the heat of the moment. I immediately became infuriated at this and started asking her who this Ron was. Ron was an ex boyfriend who treated her like shit and dumped her right before I had met her. They had dated for about six months. So, I don't know why but the question just came almost involuntarily out of my mouth, "So was he bigger than me?" Why do we ask women these questions? Anyhow, being that she was already furious with me, she answered "7 1/2 inches and even thicker than you! There are you happy?!" I was visibly upset and she started to feel bad and apologized and told me that I knew how to use mine better, and that softened the blow to my ego. That night I could barely sleep. I kept thinking about some stud with a bigger cock fucking my gorgeous red haired wife and making her moan. But I trusted her, she wasn't the cheating type. After several days I forgot all about the conversation.
This is a work in progress: Will write more later
I have to say thanks for sharing...and taking the time to write...even though it's not my cup of tea....

But DAMN, does the redhead in two of those pictures look like my girlfriend the much so that I had to do a double take, then a trip take, and look closely, DAMN!!! Hope you don't mind, I am going to have to cross those to the new I Love Redheads thread....


p.s. Edit - I was actually thinking of the new Just Redheads thread...I'm posting it to both....
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The following week at work was very busy. We had to prepare for a big case. I was awaiting big news; I had put in for a big promotion and I was a shoe-in for the position. To my chagrin, however, I found out that I didn't get the promotion. The firm had hired someone from another firm and given him the senior position. He was tall, muscular, about 10 years younger than me, AND black. Not that there was anything wrong with his skin color, but he stood out as he was the only one there, in fact the only employee that our firm ever had who was African-American. His name was Demarcus.
Well, there weren't any hard feelings. I decided I would try and introduce myself to him and get on his good side. I didn't seem to have much of a chance the rest of the day as we were so busy at work. I headed to gym afterwards. While I was on the elliptical machine I look over and see him, shirtless, doing biccep curls. He was built, I felt fat and flabby looking at him. Demarcus was a physical specimen, but I knew I had to stop staring or I was going to get noticed and that would be extremely awkward. I went back to what I was doing but couldn't help but glance over at hum periodically, just out of curiosity. Ok, I admit it, I was jealous. No matter how much I worked out, I wasn't going to have a body like his.

Back in the locker room I had showered and was putting on my clothes. Then there was this pervasive idea flowing through my mind. You know what they say about black men....that was a myth. A racial stereotype. There was absolutely no truth to that whatsoever. I needed to get that thought out of my mind and get my clothes on before he comes in there. But it was too late, Demarcus was already there, and his locker was right next to mine. Now he was naked and I thought, what would it hurt if I just took a super quick glance over just to confirm that it was a myth. No one will ever know. Just slightly turning my head, moving my eyes to the right....and I caught a glimpse of it. It couldn't be, I saw it wrong, or maybe just from a bad angle. I looked over again this time turning my head much more brazenly and there it was. If the myth of black men having enormous penises was in fact a myth, then Demarcus didn't get the memo. I didn't know penises could be that big. I thought Kara's white ex boyfriend Ron was big at 7 and a half inches. But this dude, who wasn't even hard, just hanging there had both of us beat. It looked like an exaggeratedly oversized, round, candy bar like Mars or Milky Way but only in the shape and width of two beer cans stacked together.
tumblr_ly1agmY9mf1rnnb31o1_500.jpeg 00T0T_cpwvydal5xJ_600x450.jpg 001 (9).JPG I couldn't stop looking. I was checking out what seemed to be a miles long network of veins that ran through it. For something so big, a large network of veins was obviously necessary to provide blood in order for him to have an erection. It swung from side to side as he moved to take things out of his locker. It must have been so heavy that it just.... "You going to take a picture of it Joe?!!", said Demarcus abruptly. Then chills went down my spine, and I was terrified. He caught me looking. What to do I do now? I tried to say something, "but but but but...I didn't mean to look at your massive cock......" Oh God what was I to do. I gave a weak reply of..."I was just staring into space in no direction in particular and you happened to get in the way, I'm very sorry." boyfriend_vs_hubby.jpg 4.jpg Demarcus replied, "Well I better not see you doing no shit like that again or I'll report you for harrassment!" All I could mutter in response was, "Oh trust me I would never want to upset a man of your incredible I mean, it won't happen again."



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A short time passed after the embarrassing fiasco at the gym. At work I tried avoiding Demarcus, but as much as I tried, I couldn't stop replaying our altercation in my mind. His cock was like nothing I had ever thought possible. I tried to block it out of my mind, thought of something else. I'll stop at the store on my way home and pick Kara up a bottle of wine. We'll get a little bit buzzed and then I'll forget about all of this sillyness. When I got home, Kara and I started to drink. I loved whenever she drank, she became so bubbly and cute. Of course then she started becoming a little too bubbly. The topic of sex came up, as it often does when we drink. Myself also being quite buzzed had to bring up Ron's cock again. Fishing for complements I instead got to hear a doozy of a response.
"Look Joe, it's not like Ron was even the biggest guy I was ever with!", she stated.
"Huh? Really?"
She then came back with, "Nope, not even close...there were two other, wait three if you count the other one." I had just cracked open a can of worms that I never expected. But I foolishly pried further for no explicable reason.
"Who were they?" I begged.
Her reply was in a drunken stupor, "Some, um, guys I met at the bar."
"Which bar?"
"Club Nightshade, why?"
"Club Nightshade?! That's where drunk white girls go to get picked up by black guys!"
"Oh you don't have to be drunk, honey, trust me."
Then suddenly the images of Demarcuss' big black cock appeared in mind, swinging from side to side. I wanted to know more.
"So how did it happen Kara?"
"Well one guy started chatting me up, he was cute, he asked if I wanted to go back to his place, I said 'yeah' and then he asked if his friend could come and I said 'sure, why not?'"
I was mortified, "Oh my god babe, how could you just go home with random black dudes?"
"Look Joe, I was depressed, I was really hurt after getting dumped by my previous boyfriend and I wanted to explore. And I was horny."
I drank a little more to try and be able to comprehend all of this. Feeling more tipsy I asked, "Ok, so were know?"
"Were they what?"
"Well you know what they say about black dudes....large?"
"Oh they were monstrous!"
"Monstrous? What's that mean?"
"9 and half, 10 inches, at least. Look, we just screwed a few times, they double teamed me that night and then the next night they brought their other friend over and it was a lot of fun. Painful, but fun."
We went to bed and once again I couldn't sleep. My pure, pale skinned, white, red haired goddess of a wife and had the shit pounded out of her pussy, and ass, by three enormously hung black guys. It kept running through my mind. Kara was now passed out in the bed. My mind forced me to recreate what it probably looked like. All of a sudden, my anger and anxiety began to give way to feelings of unbridled horniness. For whatever reason, my cock was raging and I knew what I had to do. I began to masturbate like I hadn't in years. I felt like a young boy that had just discovered how to abuse himself. I imagined all of these images of horse hung black cocks and guys with their big black hands fondling my wife.

2df2195b624db6bee5df1c2a23c408ed_500.jpg 77f0d244e6f91a4ccccb39b4742943da_500.jpg 9007c11f3fc9ff37d041e5489adda9b4_500.jpg BBC_Gaby.jpg Big-Black-Cocks-—-BLACK-IS-BETTER!-Say-NO-to-whitebois-2.gif M B 1845.jpg M B 2144.gif tumblr_n8yh4hVjtI1r4847lo1_500.jpg

I blew the biggest load I have ever blown in my life.
The next day I woke up and I was covered in dry cum. Even in my face and hair. Kara woke up and started laughing at me.
"Rough night last night, honey?" she asked.
"Yeah just a little"
"What was it that made you do that? Was it what we talked about?"
How did she remember, she was drunk...or was she?
I quietly changed the subject and got cleaned up for work.
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That day at work I was completely out of sorts. I couldn't stop thinking of dirty, nasty thoughts involving my wife and big black cocks. As I was trying to shake these thoughts, I turned around to step away from the copier and BOOM. I walked right into Demarcus knocking over his coffee.
"Boy, Joe you better watch yourself!" he demanded.
"Oh I'm terribly sorry De.."
"Oh I get it! You don't like me because I'm black!" The whole office was looking at me now.
It was almost as if he was getting a kick out of making an example of me that way. I tried to respond to his accusation but my response was flaccid. He went there, and I couldn't do a thing to counter. I went back to my desk and sat there hoping that people would just forget what they saw and heard. Demarcus had said something else, something like,
"Yeah that's right, you go sit down. I'm getting out of here early today anyhow. You might want to leave early too."
But he said that last part very faintly, almost under his breath. What was that about?
A couple of hours later Demarcus was leaving work and as he passed by my desk he looked at me and smiled and kept going.
I got back to work and tried to immerse myself in it...but dirty, sexual thoughts invaded my head completely unabated. My cock was throbbing to the point where I wouldn't be able to stand up if I had to. Then I realized....I was fantasizing about Demarcus brutally fucking my wife. I couldn't lie to myself. That was what I wanted more than anything. My wife certainly had a thing for black guys, how hard would it be to get her to do something with him. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get home. I told my supervisor that I didn't feel well and went home.
I raced home feeling so horny that I could hardly contain myself. I was going to fuck the living hell out of Kara and then propose the idea of her fucking my coworker. But as I approached the driveway I saw something that left me breathless. Demarcus' car was parked in the driveway. My heart was beating out of my chest and my mouth was dry, I could barely swallow.
I walked in and Kara called out my name and asked me to come to the bedroom.