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What is it about the internet that attracts people? It seems that technology has become the way people communicate in order to express themselves. I find it curious for instance that a woman can sign up for this site and many others enabling her to use her sexual prowess to get sex. Yet out in the world she is called many disrespectful words, if she even hints that she wants to have casual sex. Things are changing yet not fast enough. When will it be okay for a man or woman to express what they like without fear of judgment? A question for the guys ……why is it when a woman shows the slightest bit of forwardness some guys back off? Seriously I once had a guy tell me that it was a complete turn off that I was making advances. In fact when I questioned him about it he said it just isn’t how a woman is supposed to act. Apparently a woman is supposed to just wait till the guy figures out she wants it. Now yes this site allows everyone to express whatever their desires are. Thing is it’s a safe way of letting your inhibitions go being completely anonymous. Yet what happens when you meet someone outside of this safety net? Judgments are still passed every day and people have allowed themselves to wear masks to hide who they are. Thus showing only what is considered by the whole of society to be the norm. Problem is what is the norm anymore, does anyone really know or are we all just wandering around thinking others will find what we say, think, or feel to be unacceptable? Even men are judged by women for a variety of different reasons that at times are irrational it is ridiculous.
My feeling is that what you have said applies to a lot of white men that I know, but the black men that I have been with seem to
be open and welcoming to aggression from a white woman.


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Gill, the internet allows us to segment people by "interests", whereas in the real world you have everyone in "the same pot" so to speak. So, rejection of your specific interest(s) are less likely in your segmented groups. Although this website is a segmented group for people with interracial sex interests and wife sharing, in the real world, open, interracial sex and wife sharing are not even close to being an acceptable norm. So, if you go outside your special interest groups to pursue casual sex with others, rejection is more likely ... heck, men have been getting rejected for casual sex from women for ages. It appears women don't handle rejection any better than men, but the odds are still in "their favor" since men possess the testosterone that encourages mating ... if women want casual sex, they're more likely to quickly find it than men. The fact that we have the internet that makes it possible for you to more easily FIND those individuals with YOUR specific interests is to your advantage.

Our liberal society is developing/changing quite rapidly, actually, when you step back and compare it to snapshots of history. Things we're doing today (not just sex) we wouldn't dare have done just 20-40 years ago. "Westernization" as it is called by many countries in the world, is evil and causing major problems & concerns in some strongly religious countries. No doubt the development of the internet has most definitely played a major part in accelerating liberalization and self-expression.

Lots of articles/studies are now being written regarding our loss of personal socializing skills due to electronic gadetry such as "texting" and "sexting". I imagine your frustrations are only going to get worse before they get better. :confused:
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Yeah I see your point. Guys have the same problem. I just think it would be nice to meet people outside of the internet. As I believe it is true we are losing touch with each other. Furthermore at times stepping out of the circle can get one in trouble. Yet I guess the big picture is that in general it isn't about getting laid it's about making a connection. The world is filled with so many different types of people and yet instead of appreciating one another for what makes us unique we turn that very same uniqueness into a negative.
My feeling is that what you have said applies to a lot of white men that I know, but the black men that I have been with seem to
be open and welcoming to aggression from a white woman.
Fact is it was a black man that said this to me. It has nothing to do with the color of a man's skin it is just about how he perceives whomever it is he is talking to. That is the real question why do people have these perceptions in the first place?
Yes that's it, why can't we be like dogs and do it anywhere with anyone :D No wonder the world is going downhill with the speed of light. Gill go brush your teeth and off to bed :D