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I have shared this fantasy with my fiancé plenty of times and she is not into it. She went along with the idea of playing with the fantasy aspect of it when we are in bed but essentially was only saying she would because she didn't want to say no. I am not desperate to have her fucked by a large black man but it is a fantasy I still hope to have played out.
When we have sex she is all about the clitoral stimulation. Wether it involves my fingers, tongue, a vibrator or her own fingers while we fuck, she does not seem to care much about the penetration. She has even told me that my dick doesn't feel all that great. Not that it doesn't feel good, just that it is not nearly enough to give her an orgasm. And I do not have a small dick. I wonder if she is one of the many many women who cannot orgasm through penetration alone, or if she might just need something thicker and longer and doesn't want to damage my frail male ego buy telling me. This only strengthens the fantasy of her going to town on a big thick black cock.
I am not sure where we will go from here, but I am still slightly hopeful. Feel free to message me if anyone has any advice. Just know she isn't into porn, she isn't into going to a swingers club and she isn't interested in emailing or skyping with people she does not know. This obviously limits possibilities but I thought I would let that be known.