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Women, since you've been married, have you ever done this with another man?

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  1. CuckoldCouple

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    The only realistic location was to his SUV parked near mine in a parking structure. We sat in the front seat and talked for a few minutes before deciding that the back seat offered more room to fool around. I boldly straddled his lap while we kissed. I was grinding my pelvis against his dick, which felt large. I kept thinking how juvenile it seemed to be making out in a car, yet slightly thrilling to be in a public place with a man who was not my husband. As things heated up in the back seat, The black stud and I traded places, so I was on the bottom, and he unzipped his pants and took his dick out. I started to give him a hand job. He lifted my shirt to grope my breasts. Next he moved my bra and rubbed his big, hard dick between my breasts. I used my hand to help. I remember thinking that this was a virtual stranger, a man other than husband, and I was jerking him off! His penis was much longer than my husband's and I was enjoying the power I had over him at that moment. I helped him reach orgasm and he came on my breasts and abdomen. He was a gentleman and offered to find something to clean me up. I was feeling unsatisfied, and tried to get him to finger me, but eventually had to masturbate while he watched so I could climax. I must admit, that left me feeling somewhat disappointed with the experience. We pulled ourselves together, and he drove me to my car. I said goodbye and kissed him one last time before heading home to my husband and kids. My pussy still aches for his huge black cock.


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    What a hot, exciting story!! I love blow jobs in public, so exciting!!
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    My wife had admitted to sucking and fucking 10 black guys during our marriage, plus my brother.........
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