Snowbunny in NJ seeking same for friendship


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Hi @Italianbbcvirgin I wanted to reply and see if you were able to make any new female friends. The reason i ask is because I was approached by a couple businesswomen about me organizing a businesswomen conference on the East Coast for women who "crave" or are "addicted" to big cock, and how they can take that addiction and make it a power-tool or technique for getting ahead in the business-world.

I have helped a few business women actually use their sexual prowess or appetite to their advantage in their careers and help them further their individual professional goals.

I have nothing to do with this woman's success, but women who can harness their sexual desires and appetites can truly become powerful in American Society and the example that I use in my seminars is Chelsea Handler, who has taken a life of sex, drugs and alcohol and turned it into a $20 million a year income.

If you wanted to talk about this idea, just let me know.