Small white males - IR cuckoldry a bliss

As a smallish white male I find the cuckold relationship and lifestyle to be particularly attractive and appropriate. Let me explain why.
1. It relieves me of the pressure to try and be dominant, forceful and masterful in the bedroom - qualities that would be forced rather than natural;
2. It relieves of the apprehension that my partner isn't sexually satisfied - with a smallish white penis etc;
3. It provides me with my own sexual satisfaction of seeing (or knowing) my partner is sexually fulfilled by fucking strong, dominant and powerful black men. And she and her big black lovers give each other mutual pleasure. Of course I get huge sexual pleasure from this too - something I don't in a 'normal' vanilla monogamous relationship;
4. It enables me to focus on my dominant personality traits such as kindness, empathy and providing support for my partner etc;
5. Having strong fatherly tendencies it enables me to be a loving and caring father without the concern that my partner has been impregnated by a weaker male - and all the health issues that may lead on from this.

Basically I find this a 'natural' relationship for a person with my physical, mental and emotional endowments.
As to why it should be an interracial cuckold relationship and the bull or bulls always big and black I'm not completely sure, although that's how it is for me. Maybe it's because big black men epitomize the alpha male being big, muscular, dominant and well-hung. Of course there's always the erotic beauty of black on white fucking and that's a thing of great beauty and eroticism in itself!
I also agree. As a divorced man in his late 40's I would want my wife/girlfriend to have the ability to be satisfied by a younger BBC in ways that I wouldn't be able. The non sexual aspects of the relationship would be enhanced as a result.

I was married to a women who I tried to convince to experience BBC. It never got beyond conversation although we had better sex after our discussions. The plan was to get a hotel with me watching filming..... If she had agreed , she would have had an escape ( from average routine married sex), gotten out of the rut that our marriage had become ,and a happier more pleasant person. who knows we may have not ended up divorced.
It is good to hear another white man express this. I am also a cuckold, I believe this is my natural design. I have a small penis no question about it. I find complete satisfaction within the cuckold relationship and would not want it any other way. I also believe there are a number of white men trapped by societies role unable to fulfill their natural potential. Using the term "potential" may shock some, but that is what it truly is. First, I just like several other white males with small dicks excel in other areas. I am a caring dad, loving husband and good provider for my family. These are the are areas I do well and they fit who I am. However, I am not a strong powerful sexual man, my penis does not even begin to compare to a big thick black cock. One thing my wife first became interested in was the sight and sound of a bulls large balls slapping against a woman ass. I have very small testicles, so small that we have had trouble finding a good chastity cage that will not slip off when my little balls withdraw. They will never reach her ass let alone "slap" them. Does this mean wife should settle. Maybe, for some. But I am not like that, part of my nature is the desire to provide for my wife every way I can. So, I am very happy when she enjoys sex with a capable man, one who does have a cock she can enjoy. The more we have embraced the connection between having been born with such a small penis and the other personality traits that make me a good husband. The more we are both able to accept and celebrate my natural role in life as cuckold. Hopefully, this will one day be something common among white couples so that other small penis white men will know the happiness that comes from not trying to be something other than what they are. And let's face it, there are a lot of white men with small dicks!
Being a cuckhold and a slave is my way of adapting. As a white male I have no confidence when compared to a Black Man. I truly feel that if I were to have sex with a woman I would be wasting her time when she could be completely satisfied by a Black Man. Being the way I am relieves my sexual anxiety, and I can allow my wife to fully enjoy the bliss of interracial sex. I may be a beta male, but I am also very sweet and loving and fully devoted to my wife.