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I can honestly say that each mans skin tone had little bearing on the fun times. I never was one to sit by and watch however (too busy getting in where I fit in) so I'm not exactly an objective observer. In the winter when she's pale it is a perfect contrast to a coal-black man. The lighter toned guys have been a real blast as well. Sorry for the non-definitive answer.


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Preferably Dark Brown to Darker Brown to Black!
Repeat ... Black! :blackheart:.. I won't explain why just yet. lol.
xxox Dana
This babe has a great attitude that all white chic should try to emulate. If a whitegirls going to go black it makes no sense for her to go for light skin but only very dark african type . As a whiteboy jerking to hot ir scenes I only wank to pretty white girls having missionary sex with very dark african looking bulls.
I have to agree nocomp2bm, most ladies do prefer the stark, erotic contrast. Why go black, if they will only get with a guy with skin one or two shades darker than their own. They want a contrast as far from their own as possible. So most (notice I said most, not ALL) white/light ladies ideal guy would be muscular, with one solid Dark tone. Of course their ideal Adonis type guy might be hard to find, so they settle for any shade of black guy. Just my general view
White and light skin ladies, no matter if they are black, Latina, Asian or Persian, if they go Black it would make sense for them to pics a Dark Black guy, as it is a masculine trait that women often site
Hello Lovely Iraqi doll, your beautiful face and gorgeous body was made for exactly that: a very DARK black guy. I would love to see you with one, although I would love to own that beautiful face and body, the whole package;) The thought of your olive tanned body under a DARK Ebony guy as he(Me) thrusts his(My) coal black cock in between your luscious olive lips. If you want that let me know and I will carve out some time for you on my next leave period


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I think for most women how light or dark is secondary. I think most women will opt for the bull that they expect will curl their toes. If the bull is known to be a good fuck it doesn't matter as much if he is "grocery bag tan" or coal black.