I have definitely become one! As I've been with one bigger guy, and played around with some bigger toys, I've found that when I'm stretched more and "bottom out", I cum harder than I ever have, even starting to experience some occasional wild orgasms like never before! (I know that while I've been lucky to meet that what's obviously the expected fantasy here, not all girls are that way - my GF knows another escort/hooker who won't see well-endowed clients because she has a small and short vagina and they "split" her and put her out of commission, even fucking constantly for a living is not enough to stretch her enough for big cock!)

Here is one of my earliest efforts at a mirror/cam self-shot when I was just starting out with black toys. I wanted to get to watch what I looked like with black cock in me, so I set myself up on my bed by the computer with a was a big turn-on watching on the monitor as I rode with the the black shaft between my pale thighs, seeing my pink-white pussy lips opening and stretching around it, and I came harder and longer than maybe I ever had before...besides yearning for my own real BBC experience, I am looking forward to sometime getting to watch another woman riding - or on her back being plowed deep!