SItting in a bar game

I started a game some time back that has gotten interesting. It is a play on the "5 people you could fuck without it being cheating" game, where each person can name 5 stars that they could have a free pass with. All of my wife's girl friends have their lists, as does my wife- you know- Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, etc.

I was teasing her about her list one evening as we were sitting in a quiet little bar, and then I told her she needed a new list- but with specifics as I chose. She needed to pick one white movie star, one white sports player, one white musician, then I switched up and made her pick a black person in each category. I then told her she had to pick a female in each category- but she totally refused and said none interested her. I found that a positive because she did pick her black guys. I'm thinking of new categories. She seems to respond well to the game, and the 6 people below are fair game for her- lol.

Mark Wahlberg, Peyton Manning, Paul McCartney, Shemar Moore, Larry Fitzgerald, and Lenny Kravitz