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site idea to weed out fakes


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This could be a good idea or a bad one, was wondering with all the fake people and such, why don't we find a way to implement a endorsing system. for example, if a certain member is talking to this other member or wants to talk to see if they are genuine and are who they say they are. they can check a certain section for members who can vouch for that particular person. even among the verified members on here we still get people who are not serious and such, but this is the part that gets tricky if not implemented or planned right it can be a disaster of an idea. what do you guys think? hopefully you guys get what am trying to say.


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sexxy360, i'd think if you are looking to "hook up", you would be doing your searches in the International Dating section of this website, instead of the International Forum section. The Forum section is primarily for discussion not advertising one's availability, as the Dating section is set up to do.

If you go to that Dating section, you notice 3 specific areas are set up there:
  1. Couples & Women Seeking
  2. Studs, Stallions, and Bulls Seeking
  3. Cuckold Wannabes and Women Who Want Them ....
These are hookup sections, yes? Yet, hardly ANYONE goes to the International Dating section ... everyone seems to come to the Forum. So, if I was looking to HOOK UP, I'd think the real people wanting to hook up as well, would be going to those 3 areas I just mentioned. People doing similar, but in the Forum section, are "fantasy players", I'd think. They're not serious and are there only to post fake-fantasy desires for jerking off.
What's your thoughts to that logic? :unsure:
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