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Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by Broxib, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Broxib

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    Hi Guys....looking for help and info...What's the best way of getting involved in a cuck//bull relationship without my own Mrs being involved...I obviously want to be the cuck and be humiliated and made to clean up....Also looking to taste black and be filled with his cum...Tried a few sites and arranged a meet but as far only come across timewasters and fakes...
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  2. willsrvu

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    By definition, you can't. To be a cuckold, your wife needs to be fucking other men.

    If your wife isn't going to be involved, then you are simply looking to be an oral submissive for a couple or a single female who has an interest in having a guy eating her after she's had sex with another man. Either of which will be extremely difficult, if not impossible to find.

    If your main interest is in tasting black sperm, you would do better to check out gay web sites or advertise on something like Craig's List for a black guy to use you as his bitch.

    Why not talk to your wife about this? Maybe she would enjoy a good fucking and feeling your tongue in her pussy cleaning her out afterward. Worse that can happen is she says no and thinks your nuts, but if she goes for it, it's got to be better than cheating behind her back.
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  3. dakotdik

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    You are asking for the worse way. If your wife is not involved, you are risking problems for you, your wife, and your partners.
  4. BethLuvsBBConly

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    I have had this discussion with cuck wannabees. There is a huge difference between watching your wife, the women you love, eagerly enjoying/preferring another man who sexually pleasures her more, usually much more...vs some women having sex.