Sissy Carla

Lifetime cuckold now of 47 years, have been married twice and have been cuckolded twice, first wife was very into black men in the end she left me for one! second wife was a professional Dominatrix and escort! the cuckolding with her was extreme, very extreme and fully encompassed my cross dressing, need for chastity, humiliation and degradation.
I have a very small penis of 3 inches when erect and that not much these days as health issues mean to get an erection I need a blue tablet and something in my sissy pussy!
I have had other relationships but they always seem to end in kink due to my worthless size!
I am a believer that black men are superior and have any white woman they want!
I also believe Black women should have free use of white cuckold males as slaves to use and abuse.
I no longer hide what I am from any female I meet as I believe honesty will find me a new cuckoldress sooner rather than later.
I have been a cuckold for around fifteen years or so, I actually have lost track. I also been married two times and had a few girlfriends in between them. Two of them who kept me cross dressed and sissified me. Then one cuckolded me and I have been one since. One took pleasure in exposing me to who ever she could to humiliate me. Once my friends found out what I was, they all alienated me. I under stood why but I was a sissy by then and I accepted it. Now married a second time I am kept in chastity, dressed as a sissy, and do clean up of her boyfriends and eat her cream pies or any else's cream pie as ordered. I am allowed to be unlocked on occasions to play with my little cocklit. Once I ejaculate I have to eat my own cum then locked back up. She calls me her little sperm slurper.