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Sir lord Blaque/ Genuine Black Dominant Master/ Gentleman

Greetings. I'm an alluring, down to earth, no nonsense, mature Black Dominant man who takes this life
Style seriously. Currently I'm interviewing all prospective cuckold couples, single submissive white females, white cuckold sissy bitch boys and she-male types for longterm servitude. IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL "MALES": I'M STRAIGHT AND I DO NOT FUCK OR ENGAGE IN ANY KIND OF SEX WITH OTHER MALES. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM SERVING A STRAIGHT BLACK DOMINANT MASTER, DO NOT BOTHER RESPONDING TO THIS POST. Those of you who are serious & have a genuine respect Black Dominance I encourage you to respond. What I seek & expect: each candidate to be healthy and of sound mind, educated, employed/ employable, be able to relocate to me in an agreed/ reasonable time factor & truly be an obedient sub/ would be slave. NO BAGGAGE! Anything that holds yoi back immediately disqualifies any candidate from any chance of serving me/ becoming my property. I'M NOT INTERESTED IN PROLONGED POSSIBILITIES, MAYBE TYPE SITUATIONS, TIME WAISTING FAKES OR ON LINE ARRANGEMENTS!!!!! DON'T WAIST MY TIME! I'm currently located in Morgantown, WV. To reach me: purple_man77@yahoo.com, kae_vaun_close@msn.com, wyzeman74@netscape.net or txt me at 720-301-6462. Sir lord Blaque/ Master Von.