SINGLE!!! and getting to do the things i like now... FINALLY!

do guys like to be pee'd on, or to pee on a girl?

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HELLO!, So, i guess you could say that i have always been attracted to guys with the right package. The bigger the balls, the better. Everytime i have fucked a hung black guy, i CUM like crazy!!I love fucking big black guys because i know my dad would just hate it!! He's probably just jealous of the huge piece of meat that i love riding and sucking on.... Once, i let this black football jock fuck me (in the ass) just before we went to class. He came buckets in my pu ssy and because i was wearing super short shorts to class, it made a puddle on my seat!!! HOW SEXY!!!

i DO requests for guys, IF i like them...


xoxox only if you have a two pound cock...

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