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Single an in chastity

Hi there,

I'm Chris, 32 years old from Germany.
I'm single at the moment and love locking myself up in chastity, watching IR porn and POV humiliation videos and so on. I dream of worshipping bbc and practice it with two big dildos. Been getting into sissy stuff lately.
Two more huge turn-ons:
having my ex-girlfriend faked in IR porn pics. So if there are fakers who are willing to fake her and keep the pics private, hook me up.
Same goes for tributes. I dream of having a strong black guy with a huge cock cumming on a face picture of my ex, also in private. She's a real beauty and I enjoy imagining being her chaste slave, worshipping cock for her.

As you can see, I'm on the kinky side of life.

I also love creating captions, already uploaded a bunch here, so if you have some IR porn pics you want captioned, message me.

Thanks for reading my longish intro...