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Sign of the times! May as well get use to it!


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Steps to take to get your wife to go black: 1. 36% of all white straight women have had sex with a black dude. Black dudes are 6% of USA population. 36/6=6 white chicks per black guy on average. Now that I have the current math laid out for you all, if you have a Generation Y wife, that statistic goes up to nearly 50%. The younger generation all want the black or mixed rod and are more willing to try it. So the trend is increasing, not decreasing. The black population hasn't grown at all since 2000 census, the 2010 census reveals. Black women get abortions at a 1/3 pregnancy rate, so population isnt growing and this will continue til free healthcare is available for black mothers (ObamaCare). So now black dudes are looking toward white women to grow the black race. 3.5 million biracial (black) children born last year, black father/white mother. White women are like candy to black dudes, so if you're going to go down this rabbit hole, understand that a black dude will not want to stop f*cking her. I'm talking Every Day he will want to f*ck her, just because ahe's hot, white and married to a white guy (You). Yes, You are a key factor, "sticking it to the white man". Once this starts, many things will happen: Black men are more dominant, controlling and you will no longer be able to have sex with her, unless he's not around and unless She wants to have sex with you. Secondly, after her 1st time with him, she will be sore for 3-4 days, a constant reminder of his d*ck, which will make her wet and want to see him again. Thirdly, You better find a way to get him tested before all of this starts because he won't use a condom with your wife. if he pulls out, that's up to him, if he blows it in your wife's p*ssy, thats up to him as well because he's going to dominate her in bed. If your wife is on birth control great, if not, she will get preggo. In Africa, the bigger penis is key to impregnate women for tribal survival. A bigger penis pushes up against the cervix and expands into the womb. Upon release/ejaculate, the sperm doesnt travel far at all and black men have double the sperm count. Female's love a bigger penis, size does matter and the most intese female orgasims are caused by deep vaginal penatration, she will get addicted quickly because to her, his d*ck will feel alot different. Harder, longer, smoother, more stamina, quicker recovery, better rythem and the taboo of f*cking a black guy while married. Best thing You can do as a hubby is support her and encourage her to keep enjoying herself. She will love you more for it
Thats why were bulls when it comes to fucking a pussy right , we deserve all the credit were getting from these fine ass White Woman...... Hail to all us BLACK BULLS....

Janice K

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I'm not here to question some of your statistics or where you found them but in reference to the statistic about how many white women who've had sex with black men is probably much higher when you cosider the many, many white women who's had "discrete" encounters with black men and never told anyone about it.. where no-one else knows about it and that she would never admit it... I just know there's a lot more silent ones out there,,