show to leave my gf have bbc again

Im in a slightly different scenario to other cucks / hot wifes and girlfriends and looking for some help..

To start Im 31 and my gf is 29. We have been dating with 6 yrs. She (picture in avatar) is a hot gf, great tits, works out a lot. Im fit too and pretty well endowed (for a white guy). My gf was with a bbc before me and talked about big it was. This got me really excited and jealous all at the same time.

Since then I always watched interracial porn because of it and found it so hot. It was then I stumbled apon cuckolding and from there I hit apon this website. My gf and I dont have as much as sex as we used have. Mainly due to me now getting more excited about the thought of a bbc fucking her than me.

I really want to introduce her back to BBC but not sure how I can again.. Any thoughts?? She is not a dominant gf and I am the alpha in this relationship so she would never suggest it.

Should I start with a big black dildo (bigger than my cock) or even some porn?

Any tips or help would be appreciated!


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When she talked about how big it was you should ask her if she misses it. If she does this could be a lead in to progressing farther. If she really likes BBC there is a reasonably good chance she is still getting it. If you have watched porn together getting and IR scene or two can't hurt and you can judge her reaction. If you use toys a black dildo could help get the conversation get started. You could ask her as she is getting fucked by the plastic cock if she would like a real one. I only have a real one and most women that experience it seem to like it
thanks for the reply. im pretty sure she is not getting it at the moment. she is very loyal so any new bbc experiences would have to be with my blessing. i think a black dildo is a good start. can anyone recommend any good IR scenes to watch? just some one on one action. nothing too extreme but good size BBC (arent they all good sized)
Communicate with her -talk to her about your fantasies. Read cuckold-interracial stories with her. If you watch interracial porn with her make it softcore (women get turned off by hard core). Use the black dildo and get her to name it (Leroy, etc) so it makes it real. Then manetion hwo great it looks in her and how she looks so sexually satsified with black. Good luck!
dude there is something wrong wit you ! go out and get a black beauty - they know who hits it right - its white. Ive been with 7 beautiful black women - 5 of them want their wimpy black Erkel husbands to watch - Dude I suggest you get a threesome going with a black woman.... damn their hot..
Thanks for the suggestions. Going to try the softcore approach leading to "leroy". Ill try and get some pics of the black dildo fucking her ?too. Any ladies or gents recommend some good softcore porn and a nice starting black dildo


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M-C I assume your primary reason for wanting this is to reignite the sex you and your GF have, not to replace it. Right? 'Cause if your real motive is simply to get her reinterested in black cock, you risk losing her ... maybe not permanently, but for a long while. She appears to be very attractive, and a lot of black guys would love adding her to their trophy case.
I'd start off with your idea of buying a realistic "toy" and doing some fantasy play, to see how she would react to it. This gives you the chance to bring the subject back up AND to open up to your desires of seeing her with a well built black male of her choice. Just realize, when it begins, you probably won't be in control of her sexual relationships any longer.
Here's a very realistic toy to consider ... ps, be sure to put it in warm water for 5-10 minutes to warm it up to "just above" body temperature. She'll probably cream all over it in 3-4 minutes. :)

cuck_toys-BlackCock2-2 .jpg


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If you get a good reaction playing with her using the dildo, you could then suggest having a threesome with another guy. Make sure that she understands this is something you want to do for her pleasure and that you think it would be hot for her to experience having two men at the same time.

Make sure you also tell her that you have no interest in having a threesome with another woman, unless that is something she would enjoy as well.
Most women think that the only reason a guy suggests a threesome is to get her to let him indulge in sex with another woman, so it is important that you make her understand that you are not looking to bang other women.

As you are the "alpha", you may very well find that you have a "hot wife" on your hands if you can enable her to allow herself to loosen up and start out by enjoying a 'menage a trois' with you being an active participant. If that works out, you will probably be able to get her to enjoy having sex with others while you watch a bit later on.

Best of luck!