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Show them you appreciate their service!

after reading some postings about some of our female enthusiasts on here, i got an idea how you fine white BBC loving ladies could get your kink taken care of while simultaneously doing a good deed for those who risk their lives everyday in this country to keep us all safe and secure.

a couple of our sluts posted about the experience they had of fucking US soldiers who were soon to be deployed to the theater of war as a appreciative send off before they went. they freely gave their precious white pussy to these heroes who selflessly put themselves in harm's way for all of us in the US. I think that this is not only a great idea, but a worthy cause. These men might, in all seriousness, die during their terms of service. they deserve all the pussy that they can get before they go, and even upon their return! This also applies to police officers and firemen if you are so inclined, but my initial thoughts were of the soldiers.

we have at least two military bases within an hour of us, one army and one airforce. i believe that i am going to start searching for the BBC we both want near these areas and specifically targeting soldiers in the service of this great country. i see it as a win-win situation...the wife and hubby get their BBC, and the soldier is treated to some special pussy that he can use (hopefully over and over again!) to reduce his stress levels, which are probably high, especially if he has orders to go overseas. who knows? he may not come back...not pleasant to think about, but true. over 5000 soldiers have lost their lives in the line of duty since 2001. and if he does come back home after serving, you might just be able to count him as one of your favorite or most reliable lovers for the significant future!

I challenge all the sluts and cucks to arrange a meeting with a soldier/officer/fireman and give him the access to your pussy that you both crave! let's show some appreciation by fucking them silly! put a smile on their faces and yours! they deserve it!!

and please, if you find a successful formula for hunting the military men on base, share your techniques for success to those who might be at a loss as to how to go about it...let's spread the word about how to spread more legs!!