We played Friday night with a bbc and I really wannted to let the guy cum in her but at the last min I said pull out and let her suck you. She's not on the pill. So should I still?


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Justme ... that's HER decision, not yours, and definitely NOT the bull's. Its her body, her risks ... you guys have no skin in the game. If she ends up pregnant, Justme, you'll provide and care for the kid as if it was yours; you're the one that put her in harms way, right? Man up! It's pretty simple actually .. you guys play it her way or hit the highway. Actually, having unprotected sex during her ovulation is pretty irresponsible and selfish, I think. ;)


Yep your right. You are the only honest person that have sent a MSG so far. We are in nc also what part are you in ??
well you need to know how far you want to go with this , do you want her preggo ? then put on her on the pill period.... then if u want cum in her let her or the bull decide where it goes ,you shouldnt be talking so much anyway really ,and no matter where he cums your suppose to clean her pussy with ur mouth .So sit on the edge of the bed ,be quiet handle the buisness before you start playing do not need distractions while playing ,the less she has to think about is the better let her enjoy so you can enjoy ....stop holding back proud u feed ur wife bbc ...dont be ashamed