Should this site make changes

This is just my 2 cent worth. I have recently joined, but I am seeing post from years ago. I would like to see up dated post. I think it is BS to keep them up, who feel the same ? Is it to draw in new members for the money.


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I like going back to see old threads because old isn't really that old, like 2011 isn't *that* long ago. But once a thread has mass number of pages, many over 300, I don't feel like my contribution will carry as much weight and so I avoid them in preference of newer threads.
Secretplaywife I agree with you one percent about contributions carrying weight but let us have separation , such as the year of the post 2008,2009,2010 and so on. Simplify is all I am saying so you can respond to post faster and easier by title
My husband and I both say leave it alone. The relevant posts will always be at the front. Why do you want
to come to a new site to you and change things?
The reason is to simply it, for a start if you post on June 5, 1999 you can go into the year and month and find your post, a safe haven is all I am saying