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should the husband find bulls for his wife

My wife found her first few men but soon got me to recruit her bulls. I had to make contact with the other man and decide if she would be pleased with him. I had to convince her that the man I chose was going to be fun and then I had to participate during the sex. Without ever having to say a word she had total control of me and her sex life. Domination does not always involve whips or abuse.

Melissa and Wayne

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Hmm I have never thought of it like that. Melissa dose the same thing makes me do all the leg work. She tells me what works for her height ,Dick size...... then I have to find her play toy make all the arrangements then she will chat some with the guy to break the ice before the play date. Who knew lol
In some ways it is the ultimate domination better than making you beg her to fuck other men. do you clean her and how does your conversatioons with the bull go. I have recruited many men to fuck my wife