Should it turn me on?

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    My wife never likes facials, cum on her face.

    Shell eat bbc ass, swallow cum load after load, loves creampies, anal creampies...but no facials. I pressed her for a reason...she told me years ago she picked up a group of black college athletes at one of the casinos in Atlantic City. They took her back to one of their suites...she said there were eleven guys all together.

    it started out as a usual GB.....her sucking their cocks, them taking turns eating her pussy. Eventually, they started fucking her with condoms...but as it goes, they got hornier and everyones good judgement left. Soon, theyw ere fucking her bareback, dp/dv and yes even da. She said she loved it, and loved it, and loved being filled. I love thinking of her taking big cocks, so i asked. She said there were a couple 11inch bbc's, but the rest were average to above average. She said they all enjoyed her taking on the 11inch bbcs, fucking all her holes. Then, she ended up on her knees getting facefucked by both huge bbcs

    Then, two black girls who were friends of the guys showed up at the room.

    Well, somehow things took a turn for the worse. One of the girls freaked, calling her a 'white skank", "white bitch"..."white slut".....the other joined in, threatening to kick her ass. She is on her knees, covered in sweat, 11 black hard onms in the room,a nd these women took charge.

    The men seemed intimidated, she said, and got verbally abusive too......soon, the girls wer elaughing as the guys started ROUGHLY throatfucking her, she said she was gagging but was afraid to stop fo rfear of violence. Eventually, one of the big bbc's started to cum, squirting dopwn her throat, but pulling out and cumming on her face while she was sucking on the other 11incher. the girls were laughing, taking cell phone pics, when the rest of the guys just joined in. She said she was crying, and the guys didnt care, some jerking off on her face, others throat fucking her till they came, all pulling out to cum on her face. She said she was humiliated, and some of the guys had HUGE loads.

    When tehy were finished, they trew her her clothes...she wante dto use the bathroom to shower, but the girls laughed at her, and told her to get dressed fast cuz she was going into the hall regardless. So, she had on her blouse, miniskirt, heels, covered in cum facially, mascara everywhere, her hair thick with cum, and she had top walk down the boardwalk to her car covered. She said by the time she got home, her hair was caked hard,and she had to soak for an hour to get the cum out.

    Was she raped? She said absolutely not.....she loved being he center of the GB, but the bukkake and verbal abuse was too much. She loves bbc, and loves black men. But, ever since, facials were more than she liked. Is it wrong that it turned me on so much? BLAKE049.JPG
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    It seems she enjoyed it and was the centre of attraction so to speak, so by all means do enjoy it....
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    She did her job and it worked for you.... everyone wins...

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    she enjoyed
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    She cried but she continued means she truly enjoyed that and she loved been treated as white trash for those studs
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