Should it remain a fantasy for me?

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    24/m, Canada here. Over the last year I have made it known to my gf that I have cuckolding fantasies and watch cuckold porn and she is fine with all of that. She has repeatedly told me that she really, really doesn't want anyone else but me but if I insisted she would shrug and do another guy. She says she might one day and another girl to our bed, and that is a lot more likely than her wanting another guy.

    The thing is...when i'm not horny this is exactly the thing I want to hear....but when I get randy all I want is for my gf to tell me a dirty story about her cheating or slutting out(she's getting quite good at it). After it's over we just act like the talk was just dirty talk and never bring it up for serious discussion....

    What I want to know is....should I pursue more serious discussions over this if i'm someone who instantly goes from being into cuckolding to being disgusted by it and regretful the moment after I orgasm?
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    So long as you proceed slowly every step of the way together with your gf placing one foot down at a time in sync and never rushing ahead of each other that is the best pace to go.

    There are many many stories from people on here talking about their wonderful first experiences expanding the pleasure and enjoyment of their sexual lives by adding it with a sexual stud of a well endowed Blackman and I've met and share this experienced with many first time couples myself as their Bull and cuckolding them.

    Just don't rush, go at your own pace and level of comfort and be in agreement with your gf and that person (the Bull) whom you plan on having the first encounter with to back out and abort the encounter anytime you feel you've went too far and pushed outside of your comfort zone.

    Take your time, remain open minded and keep the dialogue and discussion open about it with your significant other.

    The biggest mistake a lot of fools make and you can read all the posts on here about it which their foolery (yes Im using that word so get over it and petition to have it added to the dictionary) speaks for itself is to be deceptive to themselves and to their other half. Don't do things behind their back, in the dark and don't fool yourself about it either. I've talked to many people or they have talked to me about this and when they are not on the same page as their other half then it breeds confusion, suspicion, distrust, and contempt not only for the other person but for themselves as well.

    Honesty is the best policy and if your with someone whom you can't be completely honest with about your feelings and fantasies then you may want to find someone else who is more open minded and receptive to the ideas. But at least you both know where one another stands and it sounds like your partner here is open minded to the ideas but ensure you both are fully on board with going forward and are doing it for each other's pleasure and enjoyment and not just for one of you.

    My best wishes to you and I hope you find all the happiness and pleasure you seek and can enjoy in one's short life in this magnificent world.

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