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  1. My gf has never had BBC before and I get jealous about thinking about it, but should I set it up for her. She is beautiful.
  2. here is a couple of pics

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    Depends if she is open to it or not. Watch some interracial porn with her and gently suggest how you think it is hot. Judge her reaction and go from there. If you cant even get her to watch porn then forget it, she will be too closed minded.

    I would say that about 50 percent of white woman are just to close minded and set in their ways to try anything different sexually. They have decided or read that women should not like sex, and they don't and not just interracial but anything sex related including masturbation. If this is your wife or girlfriend forget it. You wont change her and she thinks you are lucky because she tolerates having sex with you, even if it is just because its what she thinks she has to do to keep you.

    Another 40 percent of women like sex and are open to trying different things but with only you. They probably will not think you are a pervert for suggesting swinging, but don't want to go outside the relationship. I respect this view and you should be happy that your woman will have kinky sex with you. Be happy, a lot of guys in a relationship get to have sex with the 50% I mentioned above, kind of like having sex with a dead person if they get it at all and that includes black women... trust me.
    The next 9% are women who like sex and can probably be convinced to try swinging with a black person. They truly have an open mind and I have never been at a party where a women who decided to try it has not liked it. They are still faithful in their relationships and will not go behind their significant others back. But watch out once they get into swinging most women find having different partners is awesome and they get more into it than the men.

    That last 1% are just sluts. They love sex and will go behind anybody's back to get it. They may need multiple emotional attachments or it just may be that they like feeling like a slut. Probably stems form a traumatic childhood. If your wife or girlfriend is one of these, she has probably already cheated on you. Dump her or have fun and get her to fuck all your friends. Just don't plan on her ever to be honest or to be dedicated to just you. If you do corner her and hold her back she will probably want out of the relationship.

    I said white women in the first paragraph but this is true for all races. The only difference is a cultural thing where I think in the black culture it is more forgiving to women who like to have sex and is considered normal.
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    Christopher, I took the time to read your other posts, here's what I know:
    1. you once were married to a hairdresser, and she left you. You said she loved black men and you were trying to fix her up with a few at one time.
    2. you like "drinking cum from the tap" and wonder if that is wrong
    3. you want to be a subservient to another female who will fuck around on you, and possibly bring home that "fresh from the tap" you mentioned earlier
    4. you think all other races should be bred out of existence to resolve racism
    5. you want to get your current GF involved with black men
    I just wonder if you've ever read the writings of the novelist/philospher, George Santayana. One of his more popular sayings, which I'm sure you've heard ... "those who fail to learn from their mistakes, are bound to repeat them". :)

    I think a good Dom/Sub group would be good for you. Dom groups are always looking for some good subs ... and you indicate your willingness to go both ways (guys & gals) ... check 'em out. Most larger cities have a few active groups like this. Mac
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  5. well my ex was a pure slut. The reason I divorced her was she got knocked up by another guy. I was in the army at the time and we had a rule of sex with others is ok when we were apart. She was also a lair like none other. My gf now is a different woman altogether. going into a dom/sub is a bit stretch for us right now. just wondering if i should do this for her rather than her finding it on her own and possibly getting into a bad situation.
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    Well, good relationships are basically partnerships, which are built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and communication. If the only reason you want this is because you're afraid she would cheat and do it anyway if you said no, then you need to focus on the foundation of the relationship. What it seems you're doing is encouraging your current GF to eventually follow the footsteps of your X. Its interesting that often divorcees tend to get involved a second & third time with partners that are similar to the one that just failed, thinking that this time it will be different, and it often isn't.
    The reason I suggested a Dom/Sub group is because that kind of activitiy feeds many of your needs, but has a on/off switch when not attending their functions, rather than a relationship as you had before where things were randomly happening with little or no control by you. My point being, it puts a parameter around the activities.
    I would be asking myself ... why would she cheat on me? ... what can I do to discourage her from cheating on me? And if you discover there's really nothing you can do that would discourage her from cheating, and her cheating is a discomfort to you, then you get out of the relationship. Life is "fucking short" my man!
    Sometimes its good to just look at the reality of things ... it seems you may be struggling a bit with your own sexuality (based on past comments) ... and it could be adding frustration to you. Making a relationship work is difficult in normal, monogomous situations, and what you desire is very complicated. Thus you need a partner that's understanding and going to work with you, or you're going to fail again. Good luck! Mac
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    You should never set your wife or girlfriend up for anything unless you are sure she is on board. I think you should have stuck with the ex mentioned above, I think she actually would be best at meeting your needs. I agree with MacNfries that you should find a dom/sub group and join.
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