should i encourage gorgeous wife going black?

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should i encourage kelly to go on date with black guy?

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  1. no- playing with fire

  2. yes- worth the risk- hot idea

  1. dave clarke

    dave clarke New Member

    so have enclosed couple of pictures of my lovely wife kelly.

    we have been married for 5 years, she is mid 30's and me late 40's

    have always appreciated what a sexy lady she is and often got off on seeing guys flirting with her , once at a christmas works do we all got a bit drunk and i encouraged her to dance with a young black sales rep from where i work, he took the opportunity to touch her up and even steal a kiss off her- that night the 2 of us had amazing sex and were both turned on as hell

    so that was nearly 2 years ago and since then we have often looked at interracial porn, sometimes i have role played a black guy fucking her and she always screams out an orgasm when we do this

    anyway kelly uses the gym alot and over the last few weeks a black guy called rob (she tells me he is a hunk and only 26) has been hitting on her and has recently asked her if she wants to go to a party with him,lots of folks from the gym are going-she said "no married" but i reacted "yes go- be some fun"

    over the last few days i have been playing around with her telling her rob probably has a huge cock and a ton of stamina and she has said " be careful what you wish for- just a fantasy", but i reckon i could push her into going with the guy and then see what happens- watching her go black would be so hot but bit nervous could backfire and reality be upsetting and/or she could get hooked on black cock and it could turn into a full on affair?

    have mixed feelings but at moment plan to encourage her- risk of her just going wth the guy to the party would be so hot
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  2. tinee

    tinee New Member

    definitely, encourage her to go, shes gorgeous, im trying to persuade my long term gf to be with black men
  3. Bdick

    Bdick Member

    where she at !