She's getting ready

My girlfriend is opening up to meeting another man, and I am looking forward to it. She doesn't have the same sexual history as me - I've been into the bdsm and cuckold lifestyle before, she has never tried anything like this before she met me.

So, why - in my opinion - is she finally getting ready?

1) I didn't nag. Nagging doesn't work. Never. It just makes things worse. People have free will, so never try to get people to do what they dont want to.

2) She wants to do this
She wouldn't mind being with two guys - just as most guys wouldnt mind being with two girls at the same time. But, the fear of fucking up the relationship has been stronger than the urge to try it out.

3) I feed her imagination
Tell her about the good sides of cuckolding, and threeways. Talk to her about it - and other things of course. Far too often, relationships go belly-up because of lack of communication.

4) She knows I want her to do this
And she knows I would be turned on if she does. I don't get jealous, but most men would be - so I need to let her know that it is in fact a turnon for me if she fucks another man.

5) I tell her she's beautiful
All girls need to hear this. The fear of messing up the relationship is one factor, unwanted pregnancy or std's others. But not feeling beautiful is perhaps the biggest hindrance for women. Most women are beautiful, but they need to feel beautiful as well.

So, we'll see what happens. Whatever happens, it will happen when she wants to - until then I will be in here admiring people living the dream :)